Storm only just cranking up

Filed in: says the large storm currently stalled over New Zealand is only just getting started with torrential rain on the way from Wellington to Otago for the rest of today and into Wednesday and the risk of isolated tornados in the west of the North Island this afternoon.

Head weather analyst Philip Duncan says the system will bring perfectly clockwise weather to New Zealand with strong westerlies in the north and strong easterlies in the south.

"The centre of the low is hard to see on the satellite images but it has tapped into a saturated pool of air in the sub-tropics, is sucking it down around it's eastern flanks and is then dumping it on Canterbury and Otago for the next 24 hours".

MetService releases impressive rainfall figures - more on the way

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MetService has this morning released rainfall figures for those hit by the deluge yesterday and some numbers are fairly impressive reports

Whakatane received 150mm within 24 hours, but incredibly 70mm of that fell in just two hours - and 46mm fell in only 1 hour.

Hastings also received torrential rain with 34mm in one hour. 

Rotorua had a total of 122mm.

Yet another sub-tropical low on the way

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If New Zealanders were concerned about water shortages it appears that problem will fast be out the door as yet another low, the fourth sub-tropical low in a matter of weeks, eyes up the country, reports

A major rainstorm is today continuing to dump torrential rain north over Coromandel Peninsula, Bay of Plenty, East Cape and Canterbury.

Heavy rain lingers in North Island, pushes into South Island

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Torrential rain continues to affect the Coromandel Peninsula and western Bay of Plenty with reports of minor flooding now coming in.

MetService has today increased their rain warnings to 18.  Click here to view them all.

Civil Defence authorities are on standby around New Zealand as they prepare for severe weather.

In Canterbury, the rain has started to fall with up to 250 millimetres predicted over the next few days. Strong gales and snow down to 500 metres are also in the mix. weather analyst Richard Green says while there is patchy rain around Christchurch, it is falling heavily in the western suburbs and out towards the airport. There is surface flooding on Memorial and Roydvale Avenue.

Winds gust near 100km/h, low deepens in Tasman

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Gale force winds continue to hold over the Far North with gales gusting anywhere from 70km/h to almost 100km/h at Cape Reinga.

The strong winds are coupled with rain clouds that are literally developing over or near Northland and Auckland - an indication that rough weather is approaching.

Rain continues to move south with heavier rain likely after midnight and during Monday.

Is this really going to be a bad storm?

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One look at the weather maps and it's pretty obvious something big is stirring north and west of New Zealand - rain warnings have been issued, gale advisories too.  The upcoming storm is likely to have an impact across much of the country - but, will it be especially nasty?

Well, it depends on your opinion of 'nasty'.  To me, a big storm conjures up images of damaging gales and flooding rains.  However with each computer model run the winds appear to be weakening - so my gut instinct says no, not especially nasty - but potentially still one of the big events for the year.  

Get ready for "First big storm of the year"

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Most parts of New Zealand can expect to see the effects of the first big storm of the year from today. Heavy winds and rain are on the way, with the likelihood of flooding in low-lying areas.

The system is expected to cause problems until Thursday. Head Weather Analyst Philip Duncan says Northland and Auckland will see the first of it this afternoon. Heavy rain will set in tonight, with strong winds in the north and west.

Other forecasters are urging Kiwis to brace themselves for the big event.

Heavy rain and gales are expected to lash both islands from tonight, with the MetService warning of one of the "bigger weather events" for some time.

Rough weather moves in today

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A rapidly deepening low is today going to move into northern and western parts of New Zealand reports

Clouds will thicken over regions north of Waikato and Bay of Plenty this morning and along the West Coast.

Widespread severe weather expected

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A storm is rapidly developing northwest of New Zealand prompting MetService to issue several rain warnings.

The warnings cover Northland, Auckland, Coromandel Peninsula, Bay of Plenty, Rotorua and Gisborne,

See all current warnings here.

Severe Thunderstorm Warning lifted for Auckland/Northland

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UPDATED reports that the Severe Thunderstorm Warning issued earlier this evening for those between Whangarei and Auckland, has been lifted.

The Lightning Tracker  now shows limited activity.