New rain warnings issued; could this be a significant event?

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Gisborne and Hawkes Bay are the latest regions to have rain warnings issued for them as a quickly developing low moves towards New Zealand.

Conditions are still mostly calm across the country however head weather analyst Philip Duncan expects the weather to go downhill quite quickly later this afternoon and into tonight.

Wellington houses evacuated after slip

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Two homes in Wellington have been evacuated after a large slip.

Around 4.30 yesterday afternoon the ground fell from underneath one home on Sidlaw Street in the suburb of Strathmore Park.

Inspector Marty Parker says the earth and a tree threatened another home below.

High risk of thunderstorms overnight tonight

Filed in: is receiving reports of thunder right across the North Island tonight.

Late on Sunday night thunderstorms were reported in Northland, Taranaki, Manawatu and Wellington. is the only forecaster that is predicting thunderstorms across all western parts of the North Island overnight.

Another larger active band of rain is expected to make landfall on the North Island's west coast, north of Taranaki, in the next few hours.  With air temperatures already near 20 degrees it is expected thunderstorms will be triggered.

Head weather analyst Philip Duncan says thunderstorms have been reported all over the North Island, west of central regions.

Severe Thunderstorm Warning lifted for Whakatane/Eastern BOP

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All warnings lifted as of 12:13am, Wednesday.

Heavy rain pounds Canterbury still, but low slowly leaving NZ

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Heavy rain continues to fall across Christchurch and parts of Canterbury this afternoon extensive surface flooding being reported. weather analyst Richard Richard Green says the rain has set in and driving is marginal on some roads, including some State Highways. 

The rain bands are still moving northwards but  rain remains about Dunedin and Oamaru says

10 weather warnings remain in force - click here.

Photos are also coming in - click here.

Civil Defence activated in Temuka

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Temuka's Civil Defence Centre has been activated due to heavy rain.

The South Canterbury town has received between 120 and 200 millimetres of rain since Monday.

Wild weather not finished yet

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People in North Otago are being told to keep off the roads as heavy rain and strong winds continue to buffer the region. Torrential rain has virtually isolated Oamaru.

The Kakanui Bridge which links one side of Oamaru to the other was closed at 7pm Tuesday.

There have been a number of road closures, and people are being urged to stay alert with predictions of more rain. In excess of 300 millimetres of rain is expected to fall overnight in the Kakanui/Dasher catchment. A full list of road closures is available at

Twin lows slam both islands tonight

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Two lows are tonight spinning towards both islands bringing severe weather, reports

"This low moving into the North Island looks like the perfect storm" says head weather analyst Philip Duncan.  "It has a clear centre to it and incredible looking rain clouds spiralling around it".

The low is fast moving towards the Waikato and Auckland regions with torrential rain.  "Downpours will be torrential and may cause surface and flash flooding from Waikato to Auckland".

BREAKING: Severe Thunderstorm Warning for WELLINGTON

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All warnings have been lifted.

North Otago prepares for rainfall to double

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More heavy rain expected in North Otago is causing concern.

MetService is forecasting some areas may receive more than 200 millimetres of rain by tomorrow morning.

Civil Defence has already moved to evacuate people from one farmhouse north of the town and Oamaru is cut off, with roads in and out closed.