Unusual tropical air mass pushes across Auckland

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A warm front has this morning passed over Auckland and other northern areas creating unusual weather conditions - instant 100% humidity and condensation on the outside of the windows. received dozens of reports about the "wall" of humidity that saw the temperature rise by at least 6 degrees in just half an hour.

MetService downgrades warnings just 2 hours after issuing them

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The state owned forecaster has quickly revised their rain warnings just two hours after issuing them this morning, reports

At 9:30am the state forecaster predicted another 100 to 150mm for Auckland and Northland bewteen 9:30am today and 1am Monday, however at 11:45am they significantly changed the warnings as the main frontal band passed by, saying Auckland's predicted rainfall is now 110 to 130mm less than predicted earlier today.

Rain warnings extended into Monday

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Torrential rain is setting in across a number of North Island regions and this morning state owned forecaster MetService extended their numerous rain warnings into Monday.

Heavy rain has set in across several regions of the North Island and now winds are picking up too as the low approaches northern New Zealand.

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North Island braces for serious flooding

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Heavy rain continues to fall across many parts of the North Island and is expected to cause river and coastal flooding in some parts today reports

Waikato, Coromandel, and the Bay of Plenty are bearing the brunt of a summer storm, which won't let up till overnight tonight.

Rain warnings step up even further for Auckland / Upper NI

Filed in: has issued a Storm Alert for Auckland city, the first one for 2011 and the first one since the big September storm last year.

Storm Alerts are issued by the weather news authority only once or twice a year during severe weather events as an indication that the incoming severe weather could pose a risk to people and property.

Zelia downgraded as she nears northern NZ

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As predicted yesterday Zelia is rapidly weakening before making landfall in New Zealand, however the ex-tropical cyclone is still packing a punch.

The air pressure is plummeting in the Far North as Zelia races towards the upper North Island.

In the past hour the outer-bands have pushed into the Far North with the "compact" storm centred about 300kms to the north west and closing in fast.

Zelia: Storm may not follow predicted track

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Severe category 3 tropical cyclone Zelia has passed well to the north east of Norfolk Island on a path that was not earlier predicted by the main international computer models - which picked it would pass south of the island.

Initial observations show the storm passed by incredibly quickly.

ZELIA: Predicted to come closer to North Island (Maps)

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Tropical Cyclone Zelia is being predicted to come closer to the North Island than originally thought, according to computer tracking by the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre.

Zelia, tonight still a weakened Category 3 cyclone, was initially predicted to pass to the south west of Norfolk Island (700kms north west of NZ) however the latest projections show she may make a direct hit or even move slightly to the north east above the island.

Full details and maps below...

Numerous wind and rain warnings ahead of tropical trouble

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Almost 20 wind and rain warnings have been issued this afternoon across the country by the government owned forecaster.

MetService has warnings now in place for several North and South Island region as ex-tropical cyclone Vania and current tropical cyclone Zelia head towards us.

TC Zelia begins to weaken but may reach NZ as "cyclone"

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Severe Tropical Cyclone Zelia has today begun it's weakening process as it races towards New Zealand but the latest prediction from the Fiji Meteorological Service is that it will retain a category 1 status as it approaches the upper North Island later tomorrow.