Temps near records in Oz

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We might be feeling the chill across this side of the Tasman but it's a different story across the ditch...

Spring across the southeast of Australia has become a furnace, breaking records with heatwaves scorching Melbourne and Adelaide and turning vast tracts of bush and farmland into tinder.

NSW flooding easing

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It's been a very wet weekend in inland areas of New South Wales, Australia but it appears the worst is over.

Flooding has eased with most isolated communities now having access restored.

Australia today

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A coolish Guy Fawkes is likely in southern and eastern parts of Australia with occasional showery periods likely. To the north and west, hot conditions are set to prevail.

Brisbane-Chance of thunder 27

Sydney- A few showers 20

Canberra- Some rain 18

Melbourne- Some showers 20

Hobart- Mostly fine 17

Warmth across the ditch

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We might be feeling the cold on this side of the Tasman but parts of Australia are feeling the heat with Adelaide climbing  into the low 30s today.

Most Australian centres are in the 20s and a few rogue showers are possible up the New South Wales and Queensland coasts.

Top temperatures in Oz

Sydney to feel the heat

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Temperatures are expected to soar in Australia's largest city with the thermometer expected to nudge 30 degrees.

The hot weather is also expected to be felt in parts of Queensland and the ACT with the mercury creeping up to the 30 degree mark as well.

Main centre highs

Sydney 30

Brisbane 29

A look at OZ

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Many Kiwis head across the Tasman sea each year to sample the 'lucky country'. Some are in search of a better lifestyle, whether it be work, family, warmer weather or a combination of all 3!

The diagram illustrates the different types of climate in the so-called ' lucky country '.

Another dust storm hits Sydney

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Satellite photos indicate an area of dust particles swept up in the storm measures up to 200km wide, a Bureau of Meteorology spokesman said.

Authorities have issued health warnings for residents.

Residents of the New South Wales south-western slopes and south-west Sydney have been warned to stay inside as much as possible.

Aussie may face second dust storm; PICS, VIDEO

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Australia could be hit by a second dust storm, similar to that which turned the skies of Sydney and Brisbane red on Wednesday.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has warned that a front from South Australia could again cover the eastern states.

Bureau spokesman Sk Wong told that flights have already been disrupted in the town of Broken Hill in outback New South Wales.

Stifling dust bad omen for future

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CANBERRA - The vast dust clouds driven by violent storms that turned the skies of New South Wales and Queensland red yesterday may be a harbinger of things to come.

Weather forecasters are predicting another storm front for tomorrow, and warn that an emerging El Nino and land dehydrated by a decade of drought could produce a series of storms ripping topsoil from Australia's fragile interior.

Red dust envelopes south Queensland, Brisbane

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A dust storm has engulfed southern Queensland, causing traffic delays, raising health concerns and cancelling horse racing. reader Neil, from Gympie, says the dust storm has just arrived.  "We can see a max of about 2 to 300 metres and of course the sun has completely gone".

"I can taste a gritty sensation in my throat and I can smell the dirt.  It has come up from Brisbane and is moving east and north".