Ash latest: Tracking up SI's east coast

The new ash cloud passing over New Zealand is at a much lower altitude than previous ash plumes reports, as a result Air NZ has cancelled a number of flights to the South Island.

See the full story on which flights are affected here.

Ash cancels Air NZ flights

Air New Zealand's been forced to cancel some flights tonight due to the Chilean Ash Cloud.

As a result of increased volcanic ash activity in the south of the South Island it's cancelled a number of flights in and out of Dunedin.

Air New Zealand will continue to monitor the situation closely and will update the situation again tomorrow morning.

Cooling effect in 2km-thick ash plumes

Plumes of volcanic ash blanketing New Zealand's airspace are more than 2km thick and could cool the country's climate.

Only the tip of the Far North was not covered yesterday by the ash cloud from the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcano.

Backlog from ash delays frustrates travel plans

At least 10,000 more passengers had their flights grounded yesterday as disruption from a volcanic ash cloud from South America spread to long-haul flights.

The recommended flight altitude was increased from 6100m to 8200m yesterday afternoon, but the backlog from cancelled flights led to long queues and frayed nerves on both sides of the Tasman.

Weather Video: The latest on the volcanic Ash cloud

Philip Duncan from teams up with to bring you the very latest on the volcanic ash cloud that's affecting thousands of air travellers here in New Zealand and Australia.

Ash Update: Qantas cancels some transtasman flights

International flights have been cancelled as a volcanic ash cloud from Chile heads towards New Zealand.

Qantas cancelled transtasman services from the South Island today and Air New Zealand warned of changes to flight paths.

The cloud reached New Zealand a week after the Cordon Caulle volcano in Southern Chile erupted, sending plumes of ash more than 15,000m into the sky.

Latest on Aussie wintry blast: Brisbane's coldest day in 11 years

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Brisbane yesterday recorded its coldest day in 11 years, only struggling to 12 and a half degrees. It was also the coldest June day since 1916, when a top of 11.3 was recorded.

Heavy snow in Aussie, cold heading to NZ

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Snow has reached as far north as the New South Wales Central Tablelands, a result of the coldest blast of the year so far.

Snow fell as low as about 1000 metres above sea level overnight yesterday. As much as one or two centimetres of it fell at Sunny Corner, between Lithgow and Bathurst, and there has also been a light scattering in Oberon.

They're skiing in Oz, but there's no snow at home

As New Zealand skifields delay opening because of unseasonably warm weather, some Australian resorts have surprised the market by opening in late autumn.

Snowstorms and cold snaps allowed several New South Wales and Victoria slopes to open as early as May 20, with the added assistance of artificial snow.

Cold and blustery outlook for Sydney

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Sydneysiders hopefully made the most of yesterday's pleasantly crisp weather, since a series of cold fronts are set to deliver a cold and blustery week.

The first cold front was expected last night, turning the winds southwesterly and gusting up to 50 km/h. Winds will then ease during Tuesday before a stronger front arrives early Wednesday.