Typhoon fuels monsoon in the Philippines, other nations in firing line

A typhoon some 1,600 kilometers from the Philippine capital is supercharging summer monsoon rains, which have flooded parts of Manila and could trigger flash floods and landslides across other parts of the country, forecasters said Wednesday.

Sub-tropical low scoots by to the east

We first talked about this sub-tropical low 10 days ago and today it is finally drifting past the north east of the North Island.

The centre of the low will remain several hundred kilometres to the north east but despite the distance it could still affect our weather says


Giant waves pound Fiji tonight

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Fijians are being warned to prepare for huge waves to hit low lying coastal areas tonight.

Meteorologists say they're being cause by a low pressure system which is generating huge swells.

FijiLive says the situation is expected to peak at 9pm locally when high tide is due.

Cyclone Bune - Edge of eye passes over Raoul Island

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As of 10:30pm the weather station at Roul Island was no longer updating. Here is the 9:30pm update.

The air pressure has fallen to 974hPa, winds have all but stopped and the rain has eased to only light rain, following a rough couple of hours on the island.

Weather Video: The latest on Cyclone Bune

Cyclone Bune continues to track towards New Zealand but isn't expected to make landfall

Cyclone Bune still Cat 3 (+ Maps)

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Tropical Cyclone Bune remains a Category 3 status cyclone this afternoon with winds averaging around 120km/h.

It is expected to very slowly weaken into a Category 2 cyclone on Monday with sustained winds around 110km/h.

Latest satellite maps show the eye coming apart as the storm heads further south.

Rain across New Zealand today

Almost every region in the country will receive rain today as a slow moving rain band drifts in from the Tasman Sea.

Humid conditions will prevail in northern and western areas of both islands as winds from the north or north east push through.

Rain will be off and on for many areas but should become heavier as the day progresses.

Cyclone Bune reaches Cat 3 status

As exclusively predicted by yesterday Cyclone Bune has this evening reached category 3 status.

The Fiji Meteorological Service yesterday said it would only reach category two status however the storm has strengthened quickly and this hour confirmed the cyclone has gone up a status with winds now averaging hurricane force at 120km/h. 

Tropical Cyclone Bune now Cat 2 (+Maps)

Winds have increased overnight and the air pressure has fallen at the centre of Tropical Cyclone Bune, south east of Fiji.

The Fiji Meteorological Service says Bune is now a category 2 tropical cyclone with sustained winds at 93km/h.  It is predicted to rise to over 100km/h later today.