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VIDEO: Your forecast to Saturday + Investigative news story about NZ’s weather industry

More rain is coming for the upper South Island this week but hopefully not at levels that will cause too many headaches – but still something locals and authorities should be aware of.

Most places in NZ have a changeable week this week as windier westerlies from Australia move in – and cooler and windier airflows push into the lower south eastern corner of Aussie in the days ahead.

We also take a look a the NZ Listener which has published an 18 month investigative story on NZ’s broken weather industry – how the Government is making life very difficult for the private weather sector and why NZ is the only modern country on earth to have two tax funded weather forecasters competing against each other. It’s on sale now in stores across NZ and we also hope to bring a digital version to you once this edition is no longer on sale.


David Bates on 22/08/2022 7:45pm

just read the Listener article last night. For years I had ben wondering how the two outfits had sorted out their respective responsibilities and it just looks like a huge rort to me. The trouble the Listener went to to check out minutes/reports from meetings between NIWA and Metforecast which those two organisations just werent able to find – it would be laughable if it wasnt so expensive to run two outfits. It really needs an inquiry, I just hope the rest of NZ Govt isnt run the same way

WW Forecast Team on 22/08/2022 7:55pm

Thanks David. Everyone who reads this story finds it quite shocking. The Listener has done a remarkable job looking into issues that have persisted at NIWA and within Government for the past 10+ years – and the lack of transparency or credibility in the responses (or lack of responses) is what we have experienced trying to get data onbehalf of the public. It makes no sense unless something wrong is going on. We can’t find any examples of any other Government Agency having this much secrecy and lack of transparency – and The Listener is a highly credible journalistic outfit, they don’t do clickbait. Thanks for the message – it’s appreciated… an inquiry would be amazing.
Phil D

Mike Friend on 22/08/2022 6:09am

Stick to reporting the weather. I’m not at all interested in your attempts to bag our government for your perceived slights!

WW Forecast Team on 22/08/2022 6:44am

Don’t use our free service if you don’t care about the issues we face. Easy as that. You already tax fund Niwa and MS so you will be happy to only use them.

Also – they aren’t ‘perceived slights’, why don’t you try reading the 6 page factual story and learn what is going on before judging. Unless, of course, you prefer to be in an echo chamber. Noticed this is your 5th complaint to us and yet you haven’t read the story or care about anything we reply with elsewhere.
Bye for now.
Philip Duncan.

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