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Why is New Zealand’s weather so unsettled this summer? Location, location, location.

We’re being flooded – pun intended – with questions about why there’s so much rain and wind when it’s supposed to be summer.

Every rain and wind event has specific reasons for developing – but it’s sometimes worth just stepping back and looking at all in a very simplistic way: It’s really mostly just our location on earth.

“We’re basically two large mountainous islands partially in the roaring forties and surrounded by large oceans – our weather is never locked in, it’s always exposed to significant change from the stormy Southern Ocean or the mighty tropical Pacific to our north” says head forecaster Philip Duncan.

Large areas inland (like Australia, America, Europe) tend to have more predictable forecasts – or at least longer stretches of predictable weather. New Zealand – much like Japan – suffers from constant changes from warm to cold, dry to wet, high pressure to low pressure.

“This weather pattern is also the reason why some Kiwis can wear t-shirts and shorts in winter – it brings variety and plenty of fresh water to drink, but it can also ruin some summer holidays with too much rain and wind”.

Whilst forecasters are receiving a lot of complaints and questions about the current unsettled pattern – there’s one group of New Zealanders quietly loving it after the past several drier than average years: Farmers. Many farmers have told us they are ecstatic the grass is growing so much at this normally dry and sometimes drought affected time of year.

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    Trey on 6/01/2023 5:07am

    It’s the Sulphuric Dioxide is the Stratosphere after the Tongan volcanic eruption that’s caused this cooling. Might be another year or two before things go back to normal.

    Peter Thomas Langer on 4/01/2023 11:31pm

    well you had 4 or 5 jans that have been dry in a row wouldnt you exspect a wet one to come a long

    Damian on 5/01/2023 9:14am

    Not really, the global warming loons have been saying we will have endless drought, and it’s the end of snow etc mind in you in the 70s they claimed that we were entering a new ice age so you can’t really take anything they say seriously.

    Bjorny on 5/01/2023 7:50pm

    What they say is more extremes. And, you don’t have to look hard to notice the weather records and extreme events occurring all around the world.

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