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What’s your best time of year?

We’re barely into Autumn but we’d love to know your favourite season of the year and why. Is it the falling leaves of Autumn and the smoky burn offs or the daffodilsof Spring and the warmth of the sunshine?.

Could it be that Summer is the standout season?. There were many complaints about the lack of summer last season whereas if winters are mild are there many complaints about the coldest season of the year then?.

We’d love to know what season is your favourite and why and even on the flipside of that you might want to let us know what your worst season is and the thinking behind it.

Is it the warm days and mild nights that float your boat or is it the cool night and pleasant days of Autumn and Spring which appeals?. Perhaps you enjoy the coldest season of the year and the big frosts that can really bite in some places.

Whatever the weather let us know what season appeals you!




sw on 18/03/2012 6:46am

Can depend where you live,Auckland usually the autumn (but not this week coming)
Christchurch the autumn can be the worst season with spring being the best.Westcoast can get the nicest days in winter,the colder (more S) the airflows there the better.

Di on 17/03/2012 9:48pm

I just love autumn for it’s fine but crisp days – winter for it’s snuggle in by the fire & wearing some of my nicest clothes – spring for renewal & more fine but crisp days.

Guest on 17/03/2012 10:05am

I need the heat of summer to be happy so not having that this year was a real downer. Winter is the worst as I hate being cold. And I have SAD from lack of sunlight. But hey, at least I don’t live in the south island where it snows! :)))

Kelli on 17/03/2012 10:02am

I love Autumn as it gives me a “time to turn inwards and reflect” feeling, everything starts to slow down and get sleepy and after a hot (not so true this year) summer its a nice change.

Melissa on 17/03/2012 1:48am

My favourite season is Autumn, but only when we have had a long hot summer. So I’m not quite ready for the cooler months yet.
I have missed it being nice in the evening as it’s usually my fav time to get out in the garden, but it’s been too cool and cloudy,so the garden isn’t looking as tidy this summer.

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