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Wednesday and looking good!

After a brief southerly flick yesterday and overnight, it looks as if the country will be bathed in sunshine again today.

Temperatures look as if they’ll be starting to warm up after a crisp start in some places.Some single digit overnight lows have taken place but for those who have to put up with a bit of a nip in the air, the sunshine should soon see the warmth return.

It looks as if Gisborne and Wellington might possibly see a shower this morning and also some cloud may hug the eastern and southern coasts first thing, otherwise a lovely day should be on the agenda today.

Now for those wanting rain, it doesn’t appear too likely in the forseeable future. The west and south of the mainland could see a little rain or one or two showers move in on either Friday or Saturday (and the chance of Southland seeing a late shower tomorrow with a brief souwester) but the rest of the nation should be in the clear.

Rainfall and sunshine totals will be interesting to see as the month draws to a close. Christchurch could break an all time January record for sunshine hours, if the next 3 or 4 days provide the sunshine expected.

Rainfall figures suggest it’s been very dry in some centres…

January rainfall totals up till 9am on the 27th January at selected locations( mm)

Westport        0 

Kaikoura        6

Nelson           9

Whangarei   11

Napier           11

Timaru           12

Masterton     18 

To go against the trend, Invercargill has recorded 125mm so far.

Temperatures have also been very high and the monthly averages should be considerably up for a typical January. The 30s have been topped frequently and the mid to upper 30s have also been recorded regularly.

What’s it been like at your place? Do you have any figures or thoughts on how the month has been in your area?.If you wish, please post below!

Weather Analyst – Richard Green


R Wood on 1/02/2009 5:54am

Westport number is wrong – Aero AWS had at least 100mm up to about the 27th.

Andrew on 28/01/2009 6:35am

Been very dry really sunny for what seems like ages and hot for periods.

This month sitting on only 18mm this month and I understand Auckland’s Ave is 68mm for January…..


Today got to 26.8c
My brother text me from Canberra and 38c today….

WW Forecast Team on 28/01/2009 7:10am

Thanks for that Andrew and other parts of Auckland have hit 40mm for the month so it just goes to show the vast changes over small distances.Overall though the city has been dry to very dry.

Yes Canberra is very hot and looking similar tomorrow with Melbourne and Adelaide in the 40s.



Alan Gordon on 28/01/2009 3:57am

The forecasts we receive from both radio and television of the weather more than one day out invariably do not mention the wind and direction, only whether it might be wet, fine, cloudy. I am particularly interested in Lake Tekapo and the Mackenzie country each weekend where the wind, especially nor’westers have a large bearing on our boating activities.

Are the forecasters unable to predict the wind two days out?

WW Forecast Team on 28/01/2009 7:14am

 Hi Alan

I wasn’t aware of that fact regarding the wind. It does change often but so do the overhead conditions as well, so I don’t see why that would be not forecast at all.

This weekend could be interesting as northwest and southwest winds may be quite noticeable in your area. To what degree is difficult to put a finger on at this point but a couple of fronts moving through could make it a little choppy.





SW on 27/01/2009 9:11pm

Need a good N or NE to “blow the cobwebs out” and to last at least a week for a change,sick of southerly quater winds now although not that strong theyve been annoying.

Derek on 27/01/2009 8:52pm

All in one word really “Stunning” never enjoyed so many ditto sunny days, high temps no cloud to speak of and little or no rain in the 21yrs I have lived in Whangarei.
The sunshine hours must be really great although I personally have no idea of how many.
Got to be the best summer so far in a very long time. Hope we get more like it.

On another note, I want to obtain a home weather station, my interest in the weather over the last few years has gained momentum, I am looking at Temp/Humidity & Baro pressure with trends.
Been looking ay La Crosse and irox units, any advice?


WW Forecast Team on 27/01/2009 9:00pm

Hi Derek

You have had a stunning run up north and I’ll be interested to see the facts and figures when they roll out at the end of the month.

Regarding a weather station, Le Cross is fairly good from what I understand and as always, all makes and models vary on price and it does depend on how much detail you want too.

Most units are pretty reliable these days and it would be great if we could source a little info from you from time to time if that works!


Richard Green


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