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WeatherWatch – Onwards and upwards thanks to you

We’ve really appreciated your support over the last year and it’s your contributions that make a real difference to

From Stewart Island to Cape Reinga we have welcomed any weather comment or opinion and it keeps us all up to date with what’s happening across the country day or night.
The weather is certainly varied and often so localised and it’s your helpfulness that has made us what we are today.

With 2013 now here is there anything that you’d like to see added to our website that would make things even better?

We’re a small company and of course some things take time but we’d like to hear from you what you’d like to see to make even slicker.

We’re in process with putting up more centre forecasts and will roll out a few more as the year ticks by.
Our present focus is Auckland, Christchurch and Hamilton but will spread to other main centres soon.
Currently other centres are computer generated forecasts and we’d like to know how you’ve been finding those forecasts.

Philip Duncan, Richard Green, Howard Joseph and Aaron Wilkinson are the faces of the team but there are a few more who work hard behind the secnes to make sure it all ticks over nicely.

Let us know how we can improve and we’ll do our best to bring you the latest and greatest weather information for Aotearoa and beyond.

Sunlight  rays over  the sea by Robertscheinfield 


Guest on 6/01/2013 5:57am

Happy New Year Guys, Just a suggestion, I know you do great coverage with the videos, but maybe you could give a general overview of your opinion on the weather for say the next week. It can be very changeable in NZ & very often the maps change quite a bit day to day but I do find your knowledge is better than me trying to guess what is going to happen. When I look at maps for the week I am looking at how the models are lining up & no doubt you do the same. When it comes to significant weather events your coverage is brilliant & it possibly seems a bit boring to report on settled conditions, but it would be helpful I feel. Cheers Dave

Guest on 4/01/2013 2:54am

Marine forcasts would be good

hitadmin on 4/01/2013 3:25am

We are looking into marine for 2014 on beyond but for now we suggest you use – who provide all our mapping too.  They provide brilliantly detailed marine forecasts for every beach, bay and marine reserve in NZ.  We hope to add their marine forecasts to our site in 2014 – or at least make them easier to link to/find.  We ourselves won’t be getting into marine, as there are a number of great marine providers already.  



Clare on 4/01/2013 2:21am

Would love to see weather webcams. Great to read the forecast but really great to have a look and see what is actually happening.

Stefan Yap on 4/01/2013 2:07am

It would be nice to find out a little more about the people (it would also be a nice gesture to the ones who we don’t often hear of) who make WeatherWatch the awesome weather forecast company that it is:)

Duncan on 4/01/2013 1:59am

Hi, thanks to all those at Weatherwatch, when not working i check your site several times a day for the latest weather news.
What i like about the site is the way you come across to the general public in your forecasts, bringing to the masses so we can understand what is going on too and not heaps of technical jargon.
But my favourite is Philip Duncan’s Video weather updates.
My only gripe is the computer generated forecasts for Wellington which at times are boardering on a joke at times.
Apart from that, thanks very much WW.

LM on 4/01/2013 2:26am

I have to agree with Duncan regarding the computer generated forecasts. I’ve LOL at some that are posted for In,gill/Queenstown. But aside from that, you do well.

hitadmin on 4/01/2013 3:23am

Thanks for the feedback – appreciate it.  Yes Wellington and Dunedin are both next to have detailed forecasts – this will be a massive step in fixing the accuracy for Wellington especially.   LM Invercargill is lower down the list due to population size but I’d hope we can tinker with that data feed in 2013 and make it far more accurate.  Thanks for the honest feedback, much appreciated!


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