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Weather, women and fashion.

Designers, fashion editors and fashion mags may think they influence a woman’s style, but the truth is they don’t really. The weather does.

Recently, after much pondering, I realised that every single day the weather dictates what I can wear and how I do my hair.

So over the next three Sunday’s I’ll explain how the weather affects a woman’s day to day fashion decisions. Starting with the mop on top of our heads.

A woman’s hair more often than not is her crowning glory. How it looks in the morning, whether it plays nicely or not, can set the tone for her day.

Now if like me you’ve long hair, if you wake up to find it’s blowing a gale or even if there’s just a stiff breeze, that pretty much guarantees the only thing you can do is put your hair into a ponytail, plaits or a bun. And give it a good dousing of hair spray.

If there’s even a hint of humidity or the mildest chance or rain you have to back away from the straighteners.  There’s absolutely no point in straightening your hair because the moment your head hits the moisture you’re going back to the land of frizz. Once again, a woman has to go for the pony tail, plaits or bun option.

Now on those rare days (especially if you live in Wellington) when you wake up and the sun’s shining and there’s not a hint of breeze the world is your oyster. A woman can find her inner “Wella woman” and go crazy!! She can straighten that hair. Curl it if she so desires. Then she can leave it out. Let it flow.
… because you know chances are tomorrow it’ll probably be another hair up day.  

Next week, I’ll look at how Mother Nature influences our clothing options more than Anna Wintour does.


Kellie Hailes

Weather Watch Reporter


Zelda Wynn on 1/11/2009 4:07am

I thought it was income that affected the fashion. From hair to shoes.
eeek I made this(looking in wardrobe) 20 years ago and it won’t wear out!
A hat can be a saviour to a not ideal head of hair. Darn it’s getting too warm for woollie beret!
I’m not a dedicated follower of fashion. I can dream though!

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