Weather Video: Rain update

We've got our eyes on a number of developing weather systems around the country right now - starting tomorrow with a large burst of rain ready to hit the West Coast of the South Island - and benefit several other regions.

Places like Canterbury and Otago should benefit once the low pressure system drives over the island on Saturday, and pushes a southerly windflow onto eastern areas.

We also look ahead to the possibility of a Tropical Cyclone heading towards the country into next week.

- Video courtesy of CountryTV


Need to know ????

Hey   im   also  following  the  cyclone  like  the  other's  are.   I  would  like   to   know  as  a  weatherman   what  category  does  this  cyclone  look  to  have   and   if it  reaches  newzealand  how  bad  is  it  going  to  be  .

Hi thereBy the time is

Hi there

By the time it reaches us, that's if it does it will more then likely just be a tropical low and will likely not be a cyclone at all by that stage. Still, tropical lows can deliver heavy rain and strong winds so something still to watch. We can't determine much beyond that at the moment.

This potential cyclone hasn't even formed yet so at the moment it has no category.