VIDEO: Colder, windier change coming - next week may see another low

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New Zealand’s more unsettled weather pattern continues this weekend and possibly through next week as high pressure slips further away allowing for lows and cold fronts to move in.

A cold front is currently moving up the nation and will clear the North Island on Friday. Behind this is a windier change for all of NZ as we head into Saturday - but it does ease by Sunday.

Next week high pressure kicks off the week but it may be pushed away by another low moving in from the Tasman Sea or Southern Ocean - one to keep an eye on. 



Hi WW, I am unable to watch the video on your page or U Tube..I have a google subscription but all a nogo. Any ideas??? thanks Derek

All good now folks..Thanks.

All good now folks..Thanks.

Hi Derek Not sure all seems

Hi Derek

Not sure all seems well at this end, must be an issue at your end perhaps? Or perhaps it's come right?



the weathers like a constipated dog in places a little bit of rain here a little bit there no rearly big falls in the areas that were dry in the north island

you cant be in the country then

you must be overseas reading this as its raining here


it doesn't mean its not raining just no big falls much over 25 mils in 24 hours this year and none over 30 mils.…. no big falls hard to get good monthly totals with out them I did say its not like this everywhere just here and a few other places