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Temps nudge 40 degrees!

Temperatures have easily topped 30 degrees in Canterbury this aftenoon and Hawkes Bay is closing in on that figure.

Weather Analayst Richard Green says “The heat is coming as no surprise but not all areas prone to the hot nor’wester are feeling it in the south, with places such as Timaru and Oamaru escaping much of the heat due to the lack of hot winds”. Timaru was 21 degrees at midday with Oamaru on a cooler 17.

However further north and Kaikoura folk are feeling the heat with 29 degrees.

But Christchurch is really feeling the heat this afternoon with temperatures pushing closer to 40 degrees for some.   “33 at the airport now…but it’s 37 in Cashmere…35 in city and Woolston and 34 in Fendalton” says Green.

“It’s likely that the temperatures will climb a little higher this afternoon if the sun persists in those areas that are already feeling the baking heat”.

The heat in the south is expected to move into northern areas tomorrow.


Nigel on 7/01/2009 8:24pm

Hi Richard.

I note that yesterday you said the temperature in Cashmere, Chch was nudging 37 degrees. Is this information publically available on a live basis? It would be great if it was.
Unfortunately in NZ it seems that the publically available weather information is drip fed from the Met Service at intervals that are way too far apart (every hour I believe) – I guess they do this so they can maximise the revenue from their paying customers. NOT GOOD ENOUGH in my opinion – it’s a government department after all. Surely their number 1 priority should be to serve the people of NZ!?

I recently lived in Melbourne for 4 years. Almost “live” rain radar and weather information is available on the Australian Bereau of Meteorology web site ( Take a look – the information available to us is pathetic in comparison. Live rain radar in particular allows people to see major storms and events develop as they happen and plan accordingly – thus allowing us to stay safer. Had the outdoor pursuit centre guide in National Park been able to view almost live rain radar of his area, perhaps his decision making and the shocking outcome would have been far better?

I know Richard you are an advocate for such change – keep up the fight!



WW Forecast Team on 7/01/2009 9:00pm

 Hi Nigel and thanks for that

The info I get isn’t always available online unfortunately but more and more people are buying their own weather stations which has to be a good thing.

Chch botanic gardens has a site but it isn’t automated which is a pity.

Yes if we step back and look at the bigger picture, surely we would all be winners with the latest data at our fingertips. It appears competition is one of the reasons for the latest info not being available.

I wont go into it all now but perhaps in time we may see a change and not be forced by another tragedy.

Thanks for getting in touch





LJ on 7/01/2009 3:02am

up in the Bay of Islands. Not sure how hot it is, but the skies are pure blue. I’ve been working outside all afternoon so have just had a spa – we turned it down to 30 degrees ad its cool as!
Absolute bliss, what a fantastic summer we’re having up here.

Heated Up Weather Watcher on 7/01/2009 1:59am

It’s really hot! I’m in Parklands and it’s 33 degrees inside, outside feels hotter with the sun blaring down and the warm winds blowing strongly.

Desk fans are blowing noisily but not giving any relief – wish we had air con…

WW Forecast Team on 7/01/2009 2:43am

Yes high cloud has crept over Christchurch but 31-32 degrees still appears to be commonplace.

Could be a very warm night!




Ollie on 7/01/2009 1:00am

Thick high cloud is setting in Christchurch.
It feels closer to 30 rather than 34, but mind you I’m sitting in a room with a fan blowing in my face and almost not moving at all 🙂

Guest on 6/01/2009 11:43pm

Hi there, hows it looking for the weekend in Tauranga? Same weather pages are saying rain, others saying fine… So I am asking the ones that will have best idea… Saturday night? fine or wet?

Thanks for the updates…


WW Forecast Team on 7/01/2009 1:26am

Hey Brendan – you’re probably finding a bit of conflict in your forecast due to the unpredictable low that’s going to develop.

Our data says a 60% chance of showers developing with easterlies picking up.

Will have more details tomorrow on this low I hope!


Philip Duncan

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