Sunday's national forecast - A cold front sweeps over NZ

Heavy rain moves up NZ today with heaviest falls on the West Coast and heavy snow in the mountains. Out to the east most places are fairly dry.

A cold front spreads across the entire island today moving from west to east and bringing some heavy falls to western areas. The front moves over the island across the middle of the day and clears away by evening. Showers continue on the western coastline but mainly dry in the east other than the front passing over for a time. N to NW winds turning W.
Highs: 12 to 18

Heavy West Coast rain easing back gradually. Rain in Southland and Otago gradually easing. Showers eslewhere. Westerly quarter winds turning cooler W to SW. Heavy snow on the Southern Alps tops. Risk of a few thunderstorms on the West Coast.
Highs: 6 to 14