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Quiz answers

1/ Which year was the summer of the big dry and continuous heatwave in the UK? 1976

2/ Which New Zealand city receives more sunshine each year, Christchurch or Timaru? Christchurch

3/ True or False… Tokyo receives more snow each year than Dunedin. True

4/ True or False… 9 out of 10 lightning bolts strike land rather than oceans. True

5/ Which month was the big snow in Canterbury during the winter of 1992? August

6/ What is a fogbow? Similar to a rainbow but appears in fog. Often appears in hilly or mountainous areas.

7/ Has Invercargill ever eclipsed the 30 degree mark? Yes

8/ Which North Island centre has more frosts each year Wanganui or Masterton? Masterton

9/ True or False… Auckland is windier overall compared to Christchurch. False

10/ Over a 12 month period which New Zealand town recorded just 167mm of rain during the 1960s decade. Alexandra


Guest on 23/05/2011 5:59am

2 words… Nor wester…. surprised no one has mentioned it.

sw on 22/05/2011 7:34pm

I have been in Chch during a winter for an extended time and no way its anywhere as windy as Auckland…..dont know about summer though and the famed ENE.Must make it up over the warmer months.

Greg on 23/05/2011 12:45am

Yup – I was surprised about the answer to Chch wind vs Auckland. If this is true, it will definately
be due to the “Beasterly” which has ruined many a sunny summer day. Having lived in both cities
winters are definately calmer here in Chch !

RW on 23/05/2011 4:41am

Depends which sites you are comparing. For actual windruns, most places have fairly short records of less than 20-25 years. Auckland Aero is windier than Ch’ch Aero, but some Auckland sites – eg Henderson – are much less so.

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