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New Zealand drying up

David Carter, Agriculture Minister, says NZ is getting more drought events, pointing to significant climate change

Agriculture Minister David Carter says the increase in significant drought events indicates we’re living in a time of significant climate change.

Mr Carter has visited Northland and declared the region from the Auckland Harbour Bridge northwards, a medium-scale drought zone, which triggers extra government support for the region’s rural support trust.

Mr Carter says he last declared drought in Northland in January and by the end of May most of the farming areas in New Zealand were suffering.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt that we’re living in a period of time when we are observing significant climate change. You can argue what’s causing that.”

It’s not just dairy, sheep and beef farmers who are struggling in Northland. Ninety-five percent of the country’s kumara comes from the Dargaville and Ruawai area.

Kumara grower Andre de Bruin says stream, bore and river levels are the main issues affecting growers.

“It’s a matter of growers finding water and carting it up to their farms. Normally your water supplies are a hundred metres off your kumara rows but at the moment, some farmers are driving up to five kilometres down the road to try to find water.”

Mr de Bruin says that stress for growers shouldn’t mean a shortage for consumers and there is plenty of kumara available.

Mr Carter says what has to be acknowledged, is that New Zealand is getting more and more drought events.

– NewstalkZB

Image / Foehn Mackenzie


Ken Ring on 12/12/2010 10:55am

Not correct. More droughts than what? The NZ norm has always been for a dry summer with odd dumps of heavy rain as fallout from Pacific cyclonic events. Just ask any farmer who is over 40 years old and can remember back. It was never considered unusual before.

A month without rain might now be called a drought in the ever-increasing need to paint any weather condition as some evil anomalous runaway unpredictable, unreliable, and unforeseen development.

It seems Mr Carter is falling into the trap set by the climatologists to justify further useless research funding.

Chris on 9/12/2010 9:06pm

How about telling Parliament to stop spraying chemtrails in our air, which is known to cause droughts? And yes, we are experiencing climate change. Putting a stop to geo-engineering and using HAARP would do a lot more good than giving our money to Al Gore.

Andrew on 9/12/2010 1:26am

The last time I recorded any rain here on Auckland’s Noth Shore was the 23rd November when we had 3mm…… Those drips on Tuesday morning delivered nothing so thats 16 days in a row without real rainfall……


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