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Bevan on 26/09/2021 1:10am

Last night about 1030 pm 25/9/21 i was sitting outside having a cigarette when i saw a large flash in the sky followed with a single boom(much like a sonic boom), I originally thought it was lightning but the boom didn’t sound like thunder as there was no role or echoing. I am in cloverlea Palmerston north NZ and the direction of the flash and sound was towards Bulls , did anyone else see or hear this, after this I recalled hearing similar boom earlier in the evening.

Craig on 24/09/2021 7:02pm

Heard a loud bang followed by a long burning sound (much like a blow torch). Last night (24/9/21) as front passed over. If it was simply thunder not like anything I have ever heard

Bevan on 26/09/2021 1:15am

Lastnight 25/9/21 @ about 1030pm, i saw a large flash followed by a loud single boom(not like thunder more like a single beat of a bass drum). This was in palmerston north NZ

Petra on 24/09/2021 10:58am

It was in southland invercargill area

Petra on 24/09/2021 10:57am

I just saw a big flash in the sky like lightning but there are no clouds anywhere this was around 10:50pm

Soy on 22/09/2021 11:11am

Hi! I’m 14 and I just saw a large bright light over Cromwell, Otago just about at 11:05 pm!
It had a large flame-like wave and disappeared after about 3 seconds, it started as white then swiftly moved to orange,
I know it was not a fireball as it did not light up enough.

Lara on 22/09/2021 1:17am

Saw a fireball in the sky, southside of Tauranga last night 21/09/2021 between 7-8pm. It was large, bright, orange, and low to the horizon.

I could see the movement of flames coming from the sides, and top of the ball, but it had no long tail, or trail of light/particles behind it.

It lasted for several minutes, and looked suspended in mid air, or falling very slowly. I thought it was also moving in a horizontal direction at certain times, however I eventually lost sight of it, behind a hill.

Fireball: large, bright, orange, with visible flames.

Raferty Mathias Stuart on 13/09/2021 9:10am

I think I just saw a meteor going from south to north over Christchurch. Had a red trail and looked like it broke in two while I was watching. Didn’t seem to be dipping towards earth by much so I might have just fully burnt up before hitting the ground. Saw it around 8:55 pm 13/9/21.

Kat Rose on 13/09/2021 11:17pm

I saw this as well, Very bright and thought was quite large, passing over cashmere hills in Christchurch.

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