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January – How would you rate it so far?

January is the middle of summer and we believe it’s been a decent start for much of the country.

This time last year almost three quarters of us had a disappointing month with grey skies, showers and windy conditions at times which left many of us feeling shortchanged.

Has this year made up for it so far possibly?

West Coasters have had a bit of a bumpy start in places over the Mainland to kick off the year but gradually it seems things have improved.It also seems we are moving into a proper summer after spring conditions have lasted well into December and early January.

How would you rate the year so far and how does it compare in your neck of the woods if you size it up with last January or summer? What would you like to see for the next week and into February?

At this stage we’re picking anticyclones to dominate our skies over the next 4-6 weeks however there’s always exceptions that can disrupt the pleasant conditions but we’re hoping they will be just brief visitors to our shores.

Feel free to add a comment below with how your area is shaping up in 2013 so far.

Homepage image of a sunny Tauranga by therealNZ


sw on 21/01/2013 2:45am

15 of 21 days of SW though the last week will make for some of it up hopefully…so far not a good summer even though its dry…..most of the country bar the westcoast probably say a good summer however.

C Johnson on 21/01/2013 2:26am

January 2013 … Total and utter C R A P – Paekakariki on the West Coast of the lower North Island. So far much like December 2011 with a hot and arid December. Then like January 2012, it reverts to Spring and goes to hell. The start of heavy dew in the first week of January this year made me think uh oh, that is not a good sign. Amusement wise, the weather cracked me up laughing on New Years Day, with the street lights came on during the day, with all the low down black cloud and skud! Welcome 2013. I’m dreading the start of winter already. We got down to 4.2 overnight the day before yesterday and 10.8 at 0100 hrs last night with a cold SE, while everyone else around the Wellington Region was sitting on about 15. I can’t stand the thought of another very cold SE winter. I’ve been doing a study course through MetEd on weather and have just completed the mountain and valley winds and mountain waves etc papers. Although US it is really brilliant and explains the SE to me perfectly, just such a great fit for us. Winter 2012 was a bad one for the SE and makes me shudder with the return of it last night. In Feb 2012 the really cold nights started, where we dropped to 3 degrees etc and even had frosts and winter flowers in full bloom, which I reported to Met Service. That was just unreal, but it carried on straight into winter. Winter 2012 was very odd weather, it wasn’t right in many aspects. Well WeatherWatch, the weather aint gonna beat me … I’m staying positive and will be hoping for a late or even an Indian Summer for 2013. True summer here is when the humid NW arrives and probably is for the entire Wgtn region. Let it roll.

Dave on 20/01/2013 11:10pm

I would say it has been a mix of very hot & very windy. Hopefully Feb & March settle down a bit. It is not looking great for us in the north next week so it looks like more of the same to me


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