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Debate: Does the media have a responsibility to report climate change?

Philippe Cousteau & Andrew Revkin join Sesno to discuss the media’s lack of interest in covering global climate change.

Does the mainstream media have a responsibility to report the latest scientific findings related to the changing climate, or is there still an onus to report both sides of an argument that many consider won?

Check out this video from CNN and join the debate in the comments below!



C Johnson on 19/11/2013 10:34pm

Well hahaha LOL I should not laugh but in NZ it is next to impossible to get an answer re your daily weather and any reasonable letter that is carefully written is simply not replied to. Why? Because we are not paying commercial customers, that is bloody well why. NZ sux in that respect. Wanna know what that strange weather you keep getting is, like waves to near ground level … you know, bonafide stuff … then go ask overseas. (No slur on WW here, not applicable to you guys) Mind you, NZers are not even educated about supercells or meso’s, yet they are here. This country is severely lacking. If we can’t get basic info like this then how the hell are we going to find out anything about climate change in this country. I think there needs to be a column in the papers that is written by the actual scientists, rather than some half witted crap by someone just out for the headlines. And the scientists should not be gagged by the administration either. Media does have a responsibility. Once people are given the facts, then they can make informed and better decisions. There are heaps of climate change advocates where I live, but all go by overseas info which doesn’t really apply to orographic NZ. NZ badly needs an info outlet, as well as a Q&A weather place. Thank goodness for WeatherWatch especially as you are NZ’s best and only true weather social networkers. There is no one else in NZ who can lay claim to that. A1+++++.

Guest on 19/11/2013 4:40am

The mainstream media reports on the climate change but depending on who owns the media source effects the story you will get. Many mainstream sources seem to use extreme language to tell their story which is what their funders want, there is an agenda no matter what the climate is doing.
Personally I have been getting most of my news online as many do nowadays and this could be a reflection of poor news they get on TV and radio.
I do note that CNN had it’s worst week ever last week where viewership is concerned.

The bottom line is that whoever is reporting on climate change should be fair and balanced in it’s task, that’s all I would want and many others too.
People have a responsibility to research the news and not just take it for granted they are being given the whole story let alone the truth.
I read much news that mainstream just wouldn’t touch and that’s a shame because many people then are totally uninformed to their misfortune.
Maybe that is the reason some government officials in the US are looking to have total control over the internet, maybe they don’t like the truth to be told – that’s a fact.

On the whole I think W.W does a great job but there are many other news sources than CNN, BBC, Fox, TVNZ etc.

Great evening here in Whitby – Cheers.

Guest on 19/11/2013 6:58pm

I find your comment very interesting, where abouts do you go to read, I wouldn’t even know where to start!

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