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Breezy and mild

Sunday morning has got off to a warmish start in many areas but the rain is tumbling down in Fiordland and Westland.


Christchurch 21

Whitianga 19 

Paeroa 19

Whakatane 19


Timaru 10

Oamaru 10

Wanaka 11


Milford Sound- Heavy rain although mild with 17 degrees


South West Cape- Nor’ wester gusting 126 kph!

Mt Kau Kau-Nor’ wester gusting 80 kph

Main Centres 8.30am

Auckland 18

Hamilton 17

Tauranga 17

Wellington 17

Christchurch 21

Dunedin 17




Guest on 26/04/2009 2:21am

Hi there, there was a burst of heavy rain, but now at 2:20pm there is low cloud and light rain…. It looks like it could rain again. There have been time today so far when the clouds look like they will lift and then it get dark again.

Thanks for the update.

Brendan Pratt

Douglas on 26/04/2009 12:05am

I think it gets potentially confusing referring to all northwesterly winds as nor’westers. To most people, a nor’wester is a hot dry wind that affects the eastern side of both islands.
A northwesterly in Wellington is neither hot nor dry.
Likewise Auckland, putting nor’wester in the forecast for winds may imply that it will be like the gusty, dusty Canterbury wind- and Auckland gets nothing of the sort.

WW Forecast Team on 26/04/2009 3:02am

Take your point Douglas and a similar scenario occurred when the term fresh was used.
It has often been referred to as the strength of the wind over the decades and not the warmth of the wind, which made it rather confusing too.. ie a fresh nor’ wester in Canterbury could be 35 degrees with a breeze whereas in Wellington, the northwesterly was fresh in terms of strength and temperature.

Thanks for your comments 

Weather Watch


Douglas on 26/04/2009 7:07am

Yes I agree. Most people I’m sure would think of “fresh” as implying somewhat cool, but as you say it “officially” refers to a range of wind speeds. I’ve seen “northerlies freshening” in a Victorian forecast in the middle of summer….they certainly would not feel “fresh”!

Guest on 25/04/2009 10:28pm

Hi there, well its a warm day in Tauranga, Not hot, just warm, Is there going to be any more rain today? Do you think it will be heavy rain or just a cloudy day with light rain?


Brendan Pratt

WW Forecast Team on 25/04/2009 11:19pm

The potential is there for some decent falls  but whether they eventuate remains the 64,000 dollar question Brendan! 

There should be an easing late in the day but whatever happens overhead,it should remain warm


WeatherWatch team


WW Forecast Team on 26/04/2009 12:35am

Hi again Brendan,  radar images over the past 45 minutes show a band of heavier rain about to move in – should be good for the garden!

Weather Watch

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