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Blog – The heat is here! 12 Noon update

By head weather analyst Philip Duncan.

It’s been a wet and very humid morning for northern New Zealand as a stream of low cloud produced rain over much of Auckland and parts of Northland and Waikato. 

The heat is returning to eastern areas with Gisborne already on 28 and 24 across eastern Coromandel.

In Auckland it’s still very humid with showers but I think in the next hour or two the sun is going to start to break through.  It’s currently around 22 in Auckland but if the sun comes out for a solid hour or two the temperature is likely to jump into the mid 20s…coupled with high humidity it may well feel like the mid 30s.

In the South Island it’s quite a different story with a cooler breeze over Southland and parts of Central Otago.  It’s quite patchy, with 15 in Invercargill, 18 in Gore, 21 in Lumsden, 11 in Wanaka, 17 in Queenstown and 23 in Dunedin.  Further north a hot northerly has bumped Christchurch to 26 already.

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The day after New Year’s Day should be another one to sleep in and enjoy not having to go to work…for most anyway.   While I’m still working for the Weather Watch Centre this long weekend my hours are a little more flexible…but I was planning on writing a little later in the morning – and not posting at 6:30am! 

But I, and I’m assuming many others in the North Island, had a pretty bad sleep thanks to the heat, humidity and lack of wind last night!

As I type this it’s 20 degrees in Auckland with humidity around 90%.  Using the humidex calculator that means the ‘feels like’ temperature is 28 degrees.  There isn’t a breath of wind so the fan is working overtime at the moment! 

Yesterday a number of people posted their temperature readings to  Most recorded temperatures around 30 or 31 degrees in Auckland and Northland.  When you factor in humidity (of about 50 to 60%) the humidex reading comes to about 38 degrees.  No wonder it felt hot!

On the rain radar there are a number of drizzle patches and some light showers over northern New Zealand…roughly from about Auckland to Northland drifting down the west coast.  They should burn off as the day progresses but the risk for an isolated afternoon or evening shower does remain.

We’re about to head into another day or so of unsettled weather.  After yesterday’s stunning kick off to 2009 today we’ll see that high air pressure moving off the coast of East Cape.  There is another high in the Tasman Sea heading our way but starting today in the south and heading in to the north tomorrow will be 24 to 36 hours of lower air pressure.  A number of weak fronts will move up the country bringing rain or showers, mainly to those in the west.

Eastern holiday spots should remain mostly dry and hot but a spit of rain is possible.   A brief cold snap is also likely in Southland, coastal Otago and coastal Canterbury.  Highs may drop to the mid teens today or tomorrow.

Today’s going to be another hot one for most in the North Island though – and more humid than yesterday.

Winds will pick up a little too…so even though tonight looks set to be another hot one a welcome breeze may help you sleep a little easier!


Did the heat affect your sleep last night?  And are you happy with the summer weather so far?   Share your thoughts and post a comment below!


Derek on 2/01/2009 2:22am

Rain in Auckland and parts of Northland, could not believe what I was reading so had to check the date on the blog, where did it come from?? but not here in Whangarei, another scorcher with all blue sky up there, extremely hot, not sure what humidity is but environment is definately not for doing anything but laying around.
Wife and I enjoyed lunch down at our Town Basin along with several hundred others enjoying the beauty of the harbour with all the boats at anchor, clear blue sky and inviting water, blissful stuff.

WW Forecast Team on 2/01/2009 2:48am

Hi Derek,

The rain was quite low (which is why MetService missed it…I’d say if they were based in Auckland they would’ve known about it!).   Just came in from the north west.  Western Northland had rain too…although eastern areas are sunny and dry.

It’s still mostly cloudy in Auckland but very humid…the humidex is showing it’s about 35 degrees!


LJ on 2/01/2009 12:41am

sounds like we were all a bit hot last night! We had fan on and just a sheet, all the blinds in the bedroom had been shut all day and the windows open. It was still 33 degrees in the room!
we’ve not had any rain in the BOI so far, just a lot of blue skies and very hot and humid.

Guest on 1/01/2009 10:53pm

Went to bed topless and fan full blast. Slept like a baby. But woke up to gloomy weather 🙁

Hope Saturday and Sunday would be nice and warm like Thursday. Can’t wait to go out again !!

David on 1/01/2009 10:51pm

What happened to our hot day in Auckland? It is overcast here with occasional drizzle and about 23C with dewpoint 21C. Thought it was gonna get into the high 20’s again. The sky has brightened a bit so is it going to clear?

Sandy on 1/01/2009 10:23pm

slept well last night but only because the fan was on full ball.We just got back from camping so was thinking the tent would have been VERY hot last night.
Just for the record my weather station (which I’m obsessed with) recorded 32.4 degrees with a slight sea breeze at about 2.30 yesterday. That was on the hill in Orewa as I was watching all the poor buggers crawling along in their cars heading north.

Derek on 1/01/2009 9:53pm

All here in Whangarei also enjoyed or not depending on how you cope with the heat and humidity, a very hot night, we had the fan running on high from 7pm onwards to attempt to cool bedroom a little, helped a lot and slept not too bad really.
House was very warm when I awoke at 6am so all the doors and windows got thrown open, no wind to blow through though but early morning air was great. Definately too warm to do anything but be lazy, even the dog has little interest in any activity.

My wife loves this sort of weather, the hotter and more humid the better, she thrives on it, lived in Hong Kong for over 25yrs when a young woman so still prefers the heat. As she tells me, do your chores early and then be relaxed rest of day during the hot spell.

Pity about the front coming through, just washed the car damn it!!.

wisdomseeker on 1/01/2009 8:46pm

I thought I was the only one who could not sleep last night until I read this article!! lol. My fan is partly broken so it does not go up to max. power which kept me awake the whole night because of the humidity. Ventilating the room also did not help!! I also have a lot of electronics that made the room a furnace however I somehow managed to get through it.. Haha time to buy an A/C

SW on 1/01/2009 8:10pm

Its great having the sun out without the wind and I like the humid days too even if theyre wet but cant tolerate the SW Wind that brings Strong or Gales (often) with Showers,Cloudy yuck changeable weather,leaves and pine needles (here) flying like grenades and Cold as theyre tend to be.

Zelda on 1/01/2009 7:55pm

Had a breeze through the house, so once the very noisy, drunken behaviour of people in the next street stopped, slept well.

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