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Ash Cloud – Track it LIVE

UPDATED 5:40pm Friday —  Q&A if you are travelling on Jetstar, Qantas or Air NZ.

Where is the ash cloud now and where will it be throughout Friday and the Weekend?
Finally some positive news – the ash cloud has cleared NZ and isn’t expected all weekend.

Jetstar, Qantas and Air NZ  (as of 5:40pm Friday)
All domestic and flights to/from NZ are operating as scheduled across all airlines.

Will it return next week?
It’s too early to say, we really can’t see beyond 24 to 48 hours.  There is still ash over the Southern Ocean and with a big low south of NZ next week it’s possible more ash could be pulled northwards – but we really can’t answer your questions regarding this just yet.  Please ensure you monitor conditions through your airline’s website as’s ash stories/updates are only issued once or twice a day when ash is causing a problem, or about to.

When will you update us again next?
We may not update over the weekend unless we see any change in the forecast – no news is good news.  At this stage we’re aiming to update again on Sunday or maybe Monday if no changes.

What about my specific flight?
Due to the large volume of requests we can only provide the information above.   

Have more questions? 
Check our Frequently Asked Questions relating to the Ash Cloud

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology has satellite imagery (below) showing the ash particles over the South Island and out to the east as green speckles.

Please note: The widespread pale green patch over central and western Australia is not ash.

Press Control + F5 to ensure you have the latest imagery.

Vote in our poll – Is the ash cloud affecting your future travel plans?

Infrared image from MTSAT-2 satellite.


Guest on 3/07/2011 10:52pm

NB. Auckland to Singapore.

Guest on 3/07/2011 10:49pm

Due to fly out from Auckland yesterday morning. Cancelled due to the ash cloud, Jetstar said. Notified by text, 3 hours and 15 mins before I was to check in at the airport.

Guest on 1/07/2011 10:48am

Jetstar have cancelled my flight from Wellington to Auckland 820 am flight on sat 2nd July

Guest on 30/06/2011 11:50pm

Hi,just curious that if the widespread pale green patch over central and western Australia is not ash, what is it?


WW Forecast Team on 1/07/2011 5:44am

Hi there – we aren’t actually sure but will look into it.  It’s likely to be related to dust, heat and clouds over Australia itself.   Will see what we can find out!  You’ll notice even the ash clouds are barely showing up now (when the first one passed by it was red on the map).  So the ash has become incredibly thin now.

– WeatherWatch Weekends

WW Forecast Team on 4/07/2011 3:55am

Hi there – we’ve spoken with Gabriel Branescu, the duty forecaster at the Volcanic Ash Advisory in Darwin.

He told us the green over land is caused by inversion – basically the big extremes from heat over the desert during the day then very cold at night.  It creates a false reading and so appears green.  You’ll note that as the sun warms up the land across Australia the green starts to disappear (from east to west).


Philip Duncan

Guest on 30/06/2011 9:31am

I would assume all flights will be cancelled Friday morning/ early PM. The issue is that the planes are now not in the right plces to fly. This is by far the most upto date and helpful information I have found, significantly more informed than Jetstar/ Qantas “help desk”.

Guest on 30/06/2011 4:59am

Hey there,

I am booked in to fly to wellington from auckland at 2.15pm Friday (1/07). What do you think the likely hood is of this being cancelled?


Guest on 30/06/2011 3:18am

I too am booked with Jetstar, Auckland to Chch, last flight out of the evening (8.30 pm or something around there), what is the likelyhood that I will be affected?

Jetstar REFUSED to comment and already i have had my flights cancelled and rebooked to this date once already so this is feeling very familair. 🙁

WW Forecast Team on 30/06/2011 4:24am

We understand your frustration and unfortunately the forecast isn’t looking great for JetStar and Qantas passengers throughout Friday.  Accurate predictions only go up until Friday afternoon but at this stage it appears ash may still affect Christchurch on Friday evening.  We’ll be updating again this evening and again tomorrow.  And we wish you luck!

– WW

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