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WW and Ken Ring discussion


WW Forecast Team on 24/04/2011 9:47pm has made the decision to no longer accept comments about and from Mr Ring, falling in line with other websites that had found, over time, a steady escalation in emotive comments from both sides.

We will always encourage open comments on this website but reserve the right to moderate these comments. 

Please note we invited Ken Ring four weeks ago to exclusively voice his concerns over personal threats to his safety,  which he did not do.  We believe we have been fair and balanced allowing both sides to have their voice. has tried to allow an open forum but the message from the majority of our readers now is that this issue has become a distraction from the real daily weather news events.

– WeatherWatch Admin

Guest on 24/04/2011 9:32am

Think WW has been awesome about this and one of the most balanced. You guys are fantastic

Guest on 24/04/2011 6:32am

well i thought this was one place i could come to and not have to see the bullying of ken ring …. guess i was wrong! i always came to this sight cause it was informative and i didnt have to put up with the one sided bull of the mainstream media….. goodbye weather watch i wont be back you have proved yourself to be just as bad as the rest of them…. nobody deserves what this countries media has done to ken ring. it doesnt matter if you believe in his views or not we are all kiwis and alot of you need to remember what being a kiwi means!…… move on for gods sake!

westcoast on 23/04/2011 11:08pm

in the nzhearald article, Ken is quoted as saying
“For us though, it’ll die down. The (earthquake) timeline has always been until the end of April.

“Scientists are now saying it’ll be February 2013 before it stops but they’re just making it up.

“After this month the moon moves away, the Jupiter Saturn effect moves away that’s been causing solar activity, and it’ll be the end of the main part of the earthquake sequence. Things will die down then.”

so is is accusing Geonet of making things up?
they use proven methods and models for earthquake predictions, based on past earthquake behaviour
(i.e a gradual slow down in intensity and frequency over time (with the bigger aftershooks getting less frequent and less intense, but still possible)
Cant see why the fault lines would now suddenly go quiet!!

Zelda Wynn on 23/04/2011 10:46pm

Please can the sniping and nastiness stop regarding Ken Ring. This site seems to be invoking more.
Disturbing to read this morning that death threats have been made.,tsf
Kind Regards

ps Did anyone else hear someone on radio call Chch “the village of the damned”?

Ken Ring on 23/04/2011 2:11am

There is at least one impostor
All those posts are not mine. And all I have ever said is still on my website under Articles.
The rest, all blogs etc, even my own, and even posters here, is suspect as can be seen from the link. Just to make sure, anybody science-minded would be best advised to stick to discussing ideas and theories, not any particular person. Then we are all safe. The message, not the messenger. The moment anyone negatively mentions Ken Ring they digress from science and enter the bully-arena.

Dan on 23/04/2011 4:28am

Everything is on your website?? Not true. I distinctly remember a posting on your predict weather website mentioning that the epicentre of your massive march 20 quake was going to be between Hanmer Springs and Amberley as an example. That was conveniently removed. Plus a large number of your updates immediately after the september quake re. the march prediction (as you called it back then) have mysteriously vanished. P.S. What happened to the tsunami you were so worried about affecting the spencer park camp??

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