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What are weather conditions like where you are?

Thick high cloud is moving across the upper North Island as Tropical Cyclone Wilma approaches from the north.

As with all cyclones the weather goes down hill rapidly just before the storm hits – which we expect later tonight.

However we expect winds to slowly pick up and the air pressure to slowly fall today.

Post your weather observations below – either what conditions look like outside your window or from your own weather station.


Ian on 28/01/2011 11:57am

Wilma still absolutely throwing it down here at Ocean Beach Whangarei Heads. Wind is now here and gaining – gusting approx 40 knots – still from the South but perhaps tending towards West – which is not good news for Whangarei Heads residents – trees already getting stripped and we are well protected!

Guest on 28/01/2011 11:43am

Titoki about 4km past Mangakahia School on flat, paddocks are flooded either side of road, extreme care as pretty certain road will be flooded before long, as daylight disappeared these paddocks were half flooded then, torrential rainfall since then.

Guest on 28/01/2011 11:34am

My hasband (who has a broken leg already) was helped out of flood waters on Kokopu Rd about an hour ago when his truck with 4 cows on the back got flooded. They had previously pulled a car with a young family out of the water. My husbands truck is still in the water with the cows (i hope they make it) on the back, and there is also a milk tanker stuck next to our truck now. That water is rising quickly!

Doug Bowker on 28/01/2011 10:58am

We’re just north east of Waipoua Forest near the West Coast of Northland and have had 120mm since it began raining around noon. The Waimamaku River is raging near its headwaters but there is no wind. 22C, barometer falling and currently at 975.28hpa

Our No Exit road usually floods and would be under by now with probable slips. Stocked up today just in case…

Claire on 28/01/2011 10:32am

Near Doves Bay – Kerikeri… It has been raining really heavy since this morning and now the gusts of wind are becoming more frequent… definitely still deteriorating! drains overflowing and backing up….house is leaking and no respite in the deluge from the South East, how much longer til the worst passes us??? running out of dry towels and enough buckets, worst I’ve seen in the ten years out here 🙁

Guest on 28/01/2011 10:56am

Just as bad at the stone store Claire – my lake is about to flood and all my feeder drains are maxed out – this is shaping up to be another Bola.

Andrew on 28/01/2011 10:31am

They can play it down all they like, all I know is that it’s bucketing down here and it’s not letting up, will be slips, n flooding all round tonight Im afraid..and the best is yet to come…
I really like this site…nice way of actually talking about the weather:)

didi on 28/01/2011 10:25am

well its still raining, boy havrnt seen it like this for years hope that it is not bad when we wake in the morining but have a feeling we are going to have flooding around wonder hw the stone store is coping. yer agree tv one didnt say much about weather at 11 pm I would of thought more would of been said as this hasnt been like this for 14 years thank you weather watch for your update its great

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