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Weekend westerly gales coming – Your Wednesday Weather Video

It’s been a blustery few days across many parts of the country, but a short lived high means Thursday afternoon and Friday morning will be calmer nationwide.

Friday may well be record challenging warmth wise thanks to a big northerly flow across New Zealand.

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Anthony on 20/07/2016 11:10pm

Record challening warmth? According to today’s forecast tomorrow will reach a maximum of 14 in Kaitaia – colder than average. How come?

WW Forecast Team on 20/07/2016 11:44pm

Hi Anthony – NIWA are the ones pushing this story and we’ve gone to them today to back up their original press release and they are refusing to respond to us.  This is because, we think, they mistakenly said air from Vanuatu is coming our way. It’s really the Australian air that could lead to records being challenged and that favours eastern areas (not western ones like Kaitaia).  NIWA has ignored multiple emails from us today about clarifying their forecast, in fact we have even asked the Minister to please explain why NIWA are saying one thing while MetService is saying another. This also happened during Cyclone Winston and lead to an official Select Committee meeting with the CEO of MetService.


Anthony on 21/07/2016 12:41am

Interesting, thanks for clarifying. I know NIWA have their issues. I’m a bit confused though – in today’s weather video Phil says Friday will be “mild” with the low coming in from Aussie. That’s your forecast, not NIWAs.

MetService has Kaitaia on 17 tomorrow – not record challenging but a degree above average. I guess I just don’t trust these computer generated forecasts by WU :/

Anthony on 22/07/2016 1:38am

Just to follow up, the WU forecast of 14 degrees for Kaitaia was wrong.

WW Forecast Team on 22/07/2016 3:28am

Hi there, WU is raw data and definitely has it’s flaws but we find it, generally, quite accurate – it’s certainly helped grow our brand with their data we use behind the scenes. If you find better forecasts in NZ for your area feel free to use them, we’re providing a totally free service – unlike NIWA and Metservice which receives 120 million dollars a year of tax funding. If you’re unhappy with weather services we suggest you start with the ones you’re paying for – rather than the free ones.  As for NIWA – they told the media this week air from Vanuatu was coming down on Saturday with record breaking heat – we clarified that is not the case and that many western areas may be fairly average – the hottest spots are hit and miss and Kaitaia is not one that will be breaking a record. By the way Anthony we are looking at adding all WU weather stations to our site soon too, which will help improve accuracy in your area (in time, as the computers take the data and learn from it each time it’s wrong – quite clever!)



Guest on 20/07/2016 5:49am

Hi, just letting you know that the embedded video on the right of the website is not this video.

Also, how deep is that low to the south of the country this weekend?  Looks like 940mb or lower???

WW Forecast Team on 22/07/2016 5:11am

Hi thanks for that, fixed now!  Yes quite a deep stormy low, probably down to 950s at this stage, but very deep (normal too for this time of the year down there – in fact normally we’ve had a taste of more of them so far!)


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