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Weather Video: Should NZ be worried about Nuclear fallout?

Philip Duncan from teams up with to explain how air currents could carry nuclear fallout from Japan if the feared meltdown did take place.


Guest on 14/03/2011 11:20pm

Thank you for such a clear explanation

Guest on 14/03/2011 10:50pm

Thanks Phil, nice clear explanation, hey do you have any information you can share about the chemical spraying that goes on ?, chemtrails / cloud seeding etc, noticed alot of chemtrails across the sky yesterday, not contrails.

Stacey on 14/03/2011 5:54pm

Nice commentary phil, keep up the good work.

Guest on 14/03/2011 12:11pm

Thank you.

Sue on 14/03/2011 5:34am

HI Phil

Absolutely blimin brilliant! Well done! Thank you soooooo much for setting everyones fears at rest with good solid knowledge – I have been trying to find this out for the last two days. I have twenty something year old children that are pretty freaked out together with other people questioning me re all that is going on on the planet at the moment so itis great to be able to set their fears at rest on this one.

Tony Hastings on 14/03/2011 4:29am

Hi Phil. Thank you very much for the explanation. When you mentioned about winds, and therefore radiation, not crossing the equator, I was reminded of the book “On The Beach” by Neville Shute, where it did happen, although I think caused by equinoxial movements.

The Google Earth map showing all earthquakes interested me. Can anyone find it, or does it have to be paid for?

Kind regards

WW Forecast Team on 14/03/2011 4:54am

Hi Tony – thanks for the feedback.

The earthquake info on Google Earth is free – click here:  (Have Google Earth closed first, then click on "Open in Google Earth" and it’s done.  Easy and free.



Zelda Wynn on 14/03/2011 3:59am

Clear explanation Phil. Does the same info apply to tidal flows carrying contamination? Also will aircraft and shipping from contaminated countries carry radioactive fragments?

WW Forecast Team on 14/03/2011 4:15am

Hi Zelda – actually I have no idea what would happen in that regard.  I’d imagine it would be diluted over a certain distance – much like an oil spill – however even with oil spills certain currents can carry particles a long way.  Not to mention fish in that area that migrate etc.  I really couldn’t tell you – we’d need a nuclear expert to explain that.  Clearly it would be devastating no matter what happens…it’s reassuring to hear the Japanese Govt saying this afternoon that a meltdown is not something they’re expecting, despite the two explosions. 



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