Weather Video: Humidity and heat rising!

A more humid east to north east flow is dominating a number of regions, especially the top of the country.

The humidity is making the feels like temperatures lift by several degrees at times during the afternoons.

The weekend sees a cooler south west change moving up the country but the weekend looks mostly dry.

Philip Duncan also discusses how the summer weather is likely to extend well into March this year.


Phil's cool in his videos, so

Phil's cool in his videos, so stop complaining. When I know what is lurking (like an SE), and feeling a bit low about it, I watch them for any trace of excitement and something positive sounding. When the weather is doing bad things, Phil's personality can actually incite excitement, and believe me, encouragement is needed here with what is going on where I live. Dry NE into moist NW is a possible sleet forecast for us now, even in the height of summer, as our climate falls to bits. Keep that passion going Phil and please don't slow up, as your excitement is contagious and comes through really well. We had heavy sleet falls, heavy snow along our hills and frigid temps with the SE as early as April in 2011, so with such a strong westerly season, I am presently watching these videos closely. This one made my day, as there is hope yet, so thank you for that.  


I love the videos, keep them up!



That was just great, pace was

That was just great, pace was perfect!


Nothing wrong with the videos or your way to speak. One can always play it back if not catching it all.

Lets keep the enthusiasm going... it shows passion and make it alive and interesting.

I am all for keeping it that way.


Well let the passion continue

Well let the passion continue and the show begin :-)