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VIDEO: Christchurch Earthquake: Noel Leeming Moorhouse CCTV

YouTube User: NLGonTheTele

“This footage has been taken from the security camera in our Noel Leeming store in Moorhouse, Christchurch.

As you can see the camera gets a real wobble on and clearly shows the extent of the tremor”.


David - New Brighton on 6/09/2010 2:03pm

…if anyone says they are not scared in Christchurch tonight, they are either lying or kidding themselves…speaking as a ‘hardened male’ been through the big Gisborne quake of the 90’s, I am fully dressed, shoes on and ready to evacuate this place as quick as…no way will I be taking to my bed, or even sitting down is a challenge!

Those aftershocks are awful and increasing, not decreasing…so you can imagine how the more vulnerable of this city are handling all this…..

…when will it all end, this is the question everyone is asking…..every noise is making us jump!

…I have never heard these noises other people have said they have heard before these big hits, like jet airliners, trucks, trains……until tonight!

Now I know…..when the big one hit tonight, I distinctly heard a truck approaching down the road….a few seconds later, bang! it hit. I was straight up and out the door, quick as! …and went to the gate to see this ‘truck’…..

No truck! Absolutely nothing! either way up and down the road….

It’s amazing….the noise of an approaching earthquake…. now I know!

Mark on 5/10/2010 1:55am

We are in Selwyn not far from the epicenter. The noise was surreal and the violence of the initial quake was frightening. Where I live is now 4 meters further away from my workplace than it was before the quake. Also, the ‘aftershocks’ had been constant for the first three days, although many do not get recorded as they are below 3.5 magnitude. Note that a shallow 3.3 with an epicenter within 300 meters of your house is still an earthquake.
Booming sounds, rumbles and a sense that your house is on the move is most distressing. And I am no wuss.

ChrisMB on 6/09/2010 10:55am

It really highlights the violence of the quake. Some of the security footage don’t show too much movement and others, like this, are a completely different story!

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