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Tomas may hit Cat 4

TC Tomas continues to gather momentum and Fiji is preparing for the worst tomorrow…

Tropical Cyclone Tomas has reached hurricane strength and is expected to continue to intensify as it moves towards Fiji.

The hurricane has good prospects to develop into a Category 4 hurricane before it hits Fiji.

Prasad said people should be mindful of this as a Category 4 hurricane is very destructive.
The Nadi Weather Office also said people living in the Northern division need to be extremely careful.

Hurricane Tomas is expected to be in the Fiji group for the whole of the day tomorrow so the rest of the island group also need to be prepared.




Guest on 14/03/2010 8:43am

Nar – I cant see a Cat 4 there – to much disorganization and totally non-annular.

Then again – I’ve being wrong before…

Keep safe Fiji!

Guest on 14/03/2010 8:35pm

Well… at least something is consistent!

Tomas is now officially a Cat 4 system (just) according to the Nadi Tropical Cyclone Warning Center – and Fiji is about to suffer a direct hit. Actually – worse than a direct hit – it’s looking like the eye will stay just off shore, meaning there wont be any let-up in the wind until the entire system has passed. This could be messy.


Guest on 15/03/2010 1:16am

Well – he grew up fast didn’t he!

It says a lot for the SST’s (Sea Surface Temperatures) in the area and the depth of heat content…

Late last night cyclone Ului was the worst beast of the two Рbut now Tomas appears to have risen to the challenge and has exploded into a massive system with cloud cover spanning some 1,000 km from side to side. It almost appears that Tomas has ‘fed’ off Ului over the past few hours as the Fujiwhara effect has threatened to kick in.

And then, under all that cloud, wind and rain is little old Fiji coping the full brunt of what is undeniably an incredibly impressive storm system.

I sure hope they are keeping their heads down ‚Äì this appears to be by far the worst storm to hit Fiji in many many years….

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