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The Winter Solstice is this Sunday morning! The bright & dark sides of the shortest day of the year:

We’re at the peak of the long dark nights as we approach the winter solstice, which this year is at precisely 9:43am New Zealand Time on Sunday.

After this moment, the earth begins its gradual roll back towards summer for the Southern Hemisphere. But just like the longest day in summer (shortly before Christmas Day), there is a delay with the temperatures . The hottest weather comes weeks later in late January and February. The shortest day behaves the same way, we wait until July and August for our coldest weather to kick in.

But, psychologically, many people prefer to focus on the positives – such as the days becoming longer again despite the cold. Here at we’ve noticed this is unique to the Winter Solstice and not the Summer Solstice, as in summer people don’t instantly start wanting, or noticing, the days slowly getting shorter as we go through January and February.

The solstice is a precise moment in time. So next week, yes, the days start to very very slowly get longer again…but only by a few seconds or minutes to begin with.

Most farmers and early rises tend to properly notice the longer days/extra sunlight again by the last week of July and first week of August. Many people in the north of NZ say early August can feel more like spring but it was only 2011 that snow flurries fell in Auckland city and the hills of Northland. So in NZ you can never be sure of what lies ahead.


  • Days gradually start to get longer again from July
  • The solar winter (the 3 months of the year with least available sunlight) will be half way done by this Sunday.
  • You can tell yourself we’re on the slide to Summer (even if only in your head at this early stage!)


  • Usually gets wetter and colder for the next 2 months ahead
  • Limited sunlight before and after school/work
  • Increased risk of wind chill affecting livestock
  • Higher risks of depression and anxiety due to SAD


Ross Forbes on 20/06/2020 8:56am

19 degrees c in Auckland today! Must be one of the warmest Junes on record so far up here.

Peter Thomas Langer on 20/06/2020 5:16am

so summers coming again on monday WTF it feels like its just finished after all theres still water shortages in places the drought only rearly finished on the last days of may……there was no growing season at all hardly….i feel short changed

Billy on 18/06/2020 10:22am

This year is different because of Covid-19. The colder months of July and August might be riskier.

Andrew Fulford on 18/06/2020 8:27am

“After this moment, the earth begins its gradual roll back towards summer” Perhaps that should read: “After this moment, the southern hemisphere begins its gradual roll back towards summer”

WW Forecast Team on 18/06/2020 7:11pm

Good point Andrew! Have fixed by adding “…for the Southern Hemisphere”. Thanks for spotting!

josh on 18/06/2020 6:52am

the wet should be in the positive not dark side lol we need the wet

Obai on 18/06/2020 12:13am

I’m with the dark side lol! I like cold, wet weather!!

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