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Surge of windy weather coming

Summer gets the green light this weekend but tell that to the spring weather pattern which will continue well into December this year – starting with a surge of windy weather this weekend and lasting into next week. predicts blustery conditions to come and go across New Zealand over the next couple of weeks as a late surge of spring weather continues.

Head weather analyst Philip Duncan says while it’s very normal to see spring weather continue into December we will still be seeing more and more hints of summer.  “Some years summer just arrives overnight – this year it will be a gradual transition and we’re already seeing the signs”.  Mr Duncan says, pointing towards low rainfall numbers for a number of regions and a sign of more days with highs over 25 degrees for eastern areas.

“In some ways we’re getting November’s weather in December this year and a spring pattern means rainfall amounts will be short lived and hot days will be mixed with cooler, windier, ones”. says the wind this weekend will be generated by a low that is today deepening near Perth. 

“We don’t really think of our windy weather being impacted by a low near Perth but that’s what will happen over the next few days as a low deepens just south of the Australian city then rapidly deepens and explodes into life in the Southern Ocean.  At the same time a big high will be between New Zealand and Fiji – putting the squash zone for all the wind right over New Zealand”.

While blustery conditions were expected in exposed regions this weekend or early next week, damaging winds were not predicted at the time this story was published.  However we will be monitoring this weather pattern closely over the next few days for any potential weather warnings – heavy rain may be likely on the West Coast with blustery winds for central and eastern areas.

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Guest on 27/11/2012 10:59pm

“…summer gets the green light this weekend but tell that to the spring weather pattern which will continue well into December this year…”

Maybe it will last until autumn!! Or perhaps its a portend for a lousy summer to come…same as last year for Auckland et al.

Dave on 27/11/2012 7:47pm

Very interesting this Spring is the almost complete lack of easterlies with the highs all tracking well to the North. Even though they say no El Nino we have persistent Westerly conditions which is a bit unusual I would think.

Perhaps this is another sign that we are still in Spring rather than Summer? It could be that Summer extends into Autumn this year if it has been pushed back?


hitadmin on 27/11/2012 11:32pm

Hi Dave,

The weather at the moment is similar to El Nino in some ways – big highs to our north and west stopping the big rain makers, and bringing in more cloud to the west and dry weather to the east and plenty of SW winds.  But unlike El Nino it’s lacking any real longterm oomph.  Rain clouds will come back to many regions over the next week or so, although it may not be to the amounts everyone wants.

Here in NZ we do celebrate our seasons earlier than our nations (like the US and Canada who wait 3 more weeks before they change).  Our early change to the seasons works well with the exception of summer – as early December sometimes doesn’t live up to the expectactions in our heads of what the start of summer should be!


Dave on 28/11/2012 2:56am

Hi Phil, yeah agree totally. I can actually recall a similar season some years ago although I am not sure if it was El Nino. It blew mainly SW and wasn’t hot until Xmas Day. Then all of a sudden it changed overnight.

That is nature for you, we have no way of controlling it.


By the way the Tropics look very quiet at the moment which also seems rather weird

sw on 28/11/2012 9:12am


sw on 27/11/2012 7:14pm

Still waiting for a surge of calm weather…..

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