Strong winds move south, rain moves east

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Strong winds buffeted parts of Auckland last night and today those strong winds will head south as a deep and large area of low air pressure crosses northern New Zealand.

Winds were reaching gale force in exposed places during Sunday evening.

The strong winds are likely to affect a number of North Island regions today and may also spread into the upper South Island.

But the main concern with this low is still the rain.  Rain warnings are in force across a number of areas with Gisborne and northern Hawkes Bay most exposed.

There may well be four days of solid rain for these two regions, which could lead to slips and flooding.

South Islanders are mostly enjoying settled weather under a large high.

The strong winds are being generated between the low in the north and the high over the South Island, with the air pressure levelling out around Cook Strait - meaning settled conditions in the South Island and windy weather in the North Island.

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Wairoa, Hawkes Bay

Slight drizzle this morning, no wind to speak of yet. Temperatures cool but has been for last few days. Expecting heavy rain later this evening but hoping front will weaken somewhat before reaching here.


Mamaku Kaimai ranges.
No wind to speak of since last week, any rain that has fallen has been very light, baro is 1019 and steady, temp is 8 deg and overcast. The low churning off the northern/west coast has not affected us up here really at all.

We had terrible weather west

We had terrible weather west of Warkworth last night. Gale force winds shaking the house and blowing down trees. Also torrential rain- 21mm at 9.00pm and another 70mm overnight- I don't know why there was not a rain warning. Paddocks are flooded and roads have water across them. It is still blowing and the rain which had eased about 7am is back.

Wellington has been windless

Wellington has been windless for several days, will only start to wind up a little later today. Also 4 straight sunny days for the start of July (plus a half-fine 30 June), a big contrast to the exceptionally dull conditions from mid-May to late June.

perfect winter weather

since tuesday last wekk chch has had cold frosty nights turning into brilliant sunny still days, with the kind of clear deep blue skies that you only get in winter. Stunning :)

Typical wet and windy

Typical wet and windy Auckland winter its turning into.

Finally, some descent rain :)

Did it rain much? Well, we had to go and rescue the little bunnie who was standing on top of his house in his cage! Poor little guy, now he's sleeping in the garage with the cat, and the dog who was also a little swamped out at his kennel.

We also seem to have lost 1 phase of power, not sure if it's just us or not (ruakaka)