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Snow storms, floods, records broken – our news media has gone nuts

New Zealand’s news media is reaching new lows – once famous for covering every Fiordland rain warning like it was the top story of the country – now media is relying solely on weather warnings and watches to generate massive headlines – ie, potential risks are now making major headlines with no NZ media outlet ever double checking if their story and big headline was actually accurate in the first place.

It’s called “click bait” – get someone to click on a story = dollars made for the news outlet. Doesn’t matter if the story is accurate or not.

In the past few weeks most of New Zealand’s mainstream news media – from government owned to privately owned – has predicted armageddon type forecasts – El Nino bringing droughts worse than the 90s, floods that are ‘epic and historic’, snow storms that cause ‘chaos’, overnight lows that are “record breaking”.  Ask anyone with grey hair if this is accurate and they laugh – most can recall worse in living memory.

We can’t control the recent ridiculous over the top sensational news headlines from some of New Zealand’s biggest news outlets – all we can say is, if you see an armageddon forecast – verify it with the news and forecasts we have at before sharing that forecast or story with the world.

We aren’t the biggest forecaster in New Zealand – but we sure like to think we have the most balanced view on what is happening…because if we get a forecast wrong we directly lose clients.  Government forecasters get funding regardless.  It is totally up to you to trust which forecaster and news outlet is most reliable – so if you think we’ve burnt your trust we want to know that too.  Our goal is to improve the quality of all weather news and forecasts in New Zealand.  



Blair on 17/07/2015 5:06am

They report what metservice make available on thier website

Derek on 17/07/2015 1:43am

The attempt by various journalists to make things seem more exciting than they are is all about in NZ.

In the US, it’s called “zing” or “hype”, and one sees it everywhere.
Good things are “epic”, “awesome”, “incredible”, or “sick” [sic!]

An inflation of how impressive things are. A matter of increasing inaccuracy.

Guest on 16/07/2015 5:54am

This is the best I’ve seen in a while, from Radio Live on Twitter yesterday just what exactly is a wet weather bomb?! It seems like any time there’s a quick burst of heavy rain it’s described as a bomb.

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