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POLL: Should daylight savings end earlier?

In light of our recent poll many readers agree that it’s now time to switch back to winter hours and are happy Daylight Savings ends this weekend.

49% of our readers told us they were “happy” to see Daylight Savings coming to an end this weekend with most saying the extra hours sleep makes it worth while. 

However 42% said they were “sad” to see it coming to an end.

But is April simply too late?  While many regions are enjoying an Indian Summer this year this may not be the case every year.

How are you finding the new, longer, Daylight Savings?

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Should Daylight Savings end earlier?online survey


BQ on 2/04/2011 11:23pm

why don’t we advance the entire planet half an hour forward on their local ‘winter’ time – and leave them there!

This means a good middle ground compromise where it’s not too dark early in the morning, and not too dark early in the evening for everyone.

Then the whole world can stop fidgeting about with their clocks twice a year .. and those of us with rellies in different time zones can stop fretting about whether it’s too early or late to call them.

JohnGaul on 2/04/2011 4:14am

I have always thought that Daylight Saving should go from Labour WE to Easter so we know at an instant when the Daylight time period would occur.
During that time it is a more of a summery period for Daylight Time to occur rather than dates that the authorities have selected at random. Even though Easter is a movable holiday period, some years it would be an advantage, like this year, for a longer period of extra evening light.
I don’t think September is a period where we need extra daylight in the evening and early October as the days/evenings are gradually getting longer anyway.
Weather dosen’t improve just because of extra evening light, especially from the winter prospective.


Guest Peter on 1/04/2011 5:09am

It’s nonsensical to have daylight saving commencing prior to spring equinox or after autumn equinox.
Why? There is a giant leap back to darkness with the too early starts/too late cessations.
I’m sure that gains (economic and general wellbeing) within the 6 month equinoxial period are to some extent lost by the excessive pre/post start/stop dates.

Guest on 31/03/2011 11:02pm

Yes – daylight saving should end earlier. I loved it when it ended mid-March. We got an extra hour in the morning – which was great.

However the “happy hour” population wanted longer evenings for drinks on the deck – and they ended up getting it, sadly!

Guest on 1/04/2011 4:17am

I think the last weekend in March. However in Russia President Medvedev wants to keep daylight saving all year round! He says that changing the clocks twice a year brings too much stress, it “upsets the human biorhythm” he believes that an extra hour of sunlight in winter would benefit business and reduce crime! ” Thats not to mention the poor cows who don’t understand when milkmaids are coming to milk them”
63% of Russians agree according to an independent polling group Levada Centre
The only other country to abandon the switch to winter time is Iceland.

Guest on 1/04/2011 10:43pm

I agree with the Russians! Why bother at all… I’d much rather have daylight in the evenings when it can be enjoyed… and not just for drinking on the deck! So many more enjoyable things to do in the evenings than at 6.30 in the morning. What’s wrong with getting up in the dark? Better than being woken up an hour before you need to get up by the sun rising! Year round daylight saving is the way to go!

Guest on 2/04/2011 8:24pm

More daylight hours in the evenings works well with me to….. time to do the odd chore outside b4 it gets too dark! Would rather go to work in the dark than come home in the dark!!!

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