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POLL: Is it “20-10” or “2000 and 10”?

In a story on Sunday at we showed a great photo of the Sky City fireworks display as 2010 started.  See the photo here.

A couple of comments were posted below the photo about how to say “2010”.  So…we thought we’d ask you how you plan on saying it.

Is it “Twenty ten” or “2000 and ten”?

Cast your vote below and feel free to post a comment too.

Will you be saying “20-10” or “2000 and 10”?(polls)


Guest on 10/02/2010 11:57am

I always say to people who says 2000 and 10 when was the battle of hastings

Mikaela on 11/01/2010 9:23am

Im gonna stik with 20-10 as it sound cool and new like the decade, also because of the movie 20-12 (2012) it makes it alot easier getting the hang of saying it like that. But yeah everyones different, i just askd my mum wat shed prefer she said 2000 and ten, and my dad thinks 20-10 sounds better.

Claire on 5/01/2010 7:10am

I agree with those who say that if 1985 was said “nineteen eighty-five” then 2010 should be “twenty-ten”. For some reason, celebrity Tweeters have been calling it “aught-ten.” Can’t get my mind around that one at all.

pete on 3/01/2010 12:45am

in the 20 century it was known as nineteen hundred and five for example…but by tthe teens it was nineteen forteen ..and so it was for the rest of last century…an the same will happen now…2010 and 2011 will be transitional years….by 2013…it will be twenty thirteen 🙂

Jim on 2/01/2010 11:14pm

We have been saying 2000 and 1,2000 and 5 since the start of the century,so dond see why it will be any different now.

sw on 2/01/2010 10:04pm

Some people said one said one thousand nine hundred and ten (1910).It was ninteen ten or even 1900 and ten.

Denise on 2/01/2010 9:58pm

I’ll be saying Twenty Ten, it’s faster, even though it’s not grammatically correct.

Harald on 4/01/2010 9:15pm

Twenty Ten is smartest, and it is grammatically correct! We said nineteen-ten, and we can say twenty-ten and twentyone-ten. That is the traditional way of naming years.

Sarah B on 2/01/2010 9:12pm

I cant see me saying twenty 10 lol!! It wasnt twenty 9 so it wont be twenty 10. I will say two thousand and ten.

Kyle on 4/01/2010 4:18am

So are we all saying then that for the cricket lovers, in 2020, this will be called 20-20? or two thousand & twenty?
i don’t know, people mentioning to me 20-20, i would respond about the latest game and wouldn’t realize they are actually talking about the year?!

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