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POLL: Have the past 4 weeks felt like Winter or Spring?

Over the past month has been reporting that highs across New Zealand have frequently been reaching the 18 to 21 degree mark, quite out of character for this time of the year.

A number of news stories have also mentioned the spring-like conditions that have spread across a number of regions – so we’re keen to hear your thoughts.

Where you are, do you feel like the weather over the past 4 weeks has been more winter-like or spring-like?

Vote below!

Have the past 4 weeks felt like Winter or Spring?customer surveys


Guest on 20/08/2010 6:50am

hasnt felt like spring here this winter in south canterbury. Its been mild but it still fells like winter. The frosts have been hard ive recorded my coldest temp since 2007 But the day time temps seem to be above average. Have had 1 decent snowfall which is about normal for our altitude. This winter has definitly been lacking in cold outbreaks.

Claire on 19/08/2010 11:13am

Definitely feeling spring-like here on Auckland’s North Shore. We’re using our heat pumps much less than last August, but two things that really stand out: 1) The car is covered in Macrocapa pollen, which is very early this year and 2) We have a record number of Tuis suddenly singing up a storm in the bush behind our house. The plants and birds think spring is here already.

Jason on 19/08/2010 8:40am

Definatly winter especially here in Canterbury, the overcast damp weather continues across the region and our sunshine hours are well down.
Just because some places have had mild to warm temperatures on the odd few days doesnt mean spring has come earlier.
I can recall several Augusts where we have had the odd day reaching 20C here infact in August 2004 we got to a 22C high, the next day a cold blast followed with heavy snow to sea level in Christchurch.
So although the spring bulbs are coming up now and some trees are beginning to blossom, i think its fair to say spring wont start showing itself until atleast early October.
We should be focusing more on rainfall totals for the year in places, because i know Canterbury is going to break its annual rainfall.

Guest on 19/08/2010 8:35am

It’s Spring, not even the slightest sign of a ‘snow day’ here in Dunedin. Very sad not to have a day playing in the snow with the Kids instead of being at work 🙂 I guess the bosses out there will be happy

sw on 19/08/2010 4:51am

In Auckland apart from the temperatures it has been winter like conditions or a 6 month spring of rain and little sun though only the odd days of wind at this stage,(in fact June/much of July felt more sunnier)no doubt will increase as the days lengthen.Last winter was better in my opinion.

Sarah B on 19/08/2010 4:20am

More winter-like definately…. time and time again in the last few weeks I have mentioned how I feel like Im back in England… I’m definately looking forward to the weather settling down a bit and the sun coming out more often!

Lawrence on 19/08/2010 3:59am


Its been a very easy winter. Mild by Invercargill standards. Plenty of sun, Not much in the way of rain or wind for the last few months. Almost boring!

WW Forecast Team on 19/08/2010 4:31am

Hi Lawrence, funny you should mention that – our lead story tomorrow morning is about your stunning "winter"!

– WeatherWatch

Andrew on 19/08/2010 3:08am

Winter……. Its still winter and get ready for a cool damp La Nina Summer… Fulled with damp weather and the odd Tropical Cyclone(Hurricane)… Then as Ken Ring put it next winter is the return of the 36 year cycle of the Cold sun as we head towards a repeat of the Great Winter of 1939…… Snow in Auckland to sea Level etc…… Ken Ring Please oh Please be right………….


RW on 19/08/2010 4:46am

There’ll be a squadron of flying pigs, as well. New flash: the winter of 1975 was a little colder than average but not drastically so. 1969 and 1972 were much cooler because of anticyclonic frosty episodes. The “corresponding” years of 2005 and 2008 were about as far away at the opposite end of the spectrum from these 2 as one could imagine.

What I call “winter” depends partly on the weather most disliked. Locally it has been much wetter, clouder and rainier than usual from mid-May to now, so it has been a very poor winter for me. But temperatures have been near-normal.

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