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Poll: Are you looking forward to Summer?

Whisper it quietly, but Summer is just around the corner…and with daylight savings in full swing, some of us couldn’t be happier to see the return of BBQs, beaches and jandals.

If this Summer is anything like last year though, there will be just as many people looking ahead with trepidation, after widespread drought and heat caused a state of emergency declared across the entire North Island and parts of the South.

So which camp are you in? Eager to see the temperatures rise, or worried about what it may mean for your business? Let us know in the poll below, and leave a comment too if you feel particularly strongly one way or another.


Are you looking forward to Summer?


C Johnson on 20/10/2013 11:03am

Get so acclimatised to the colder temps and wind, that it is hard to readjust when there’s too much heat in summer. I hate it when there’s no rain. Last summer with that stable air, for the 2nd yr in a row, we were dropping to 2 degree nights in February with mammoth dews and winter plants in full bloom. The sea took an unusually long time to warm up last summer, it was cold with not many swimming in it, right up until Feb. Before “that” drought, the wind was all over the show being so unusually westerly. 2013 is so far still too mild to what a normal spring here is … and I’m not complaining. Normally cold, wet and very windy. November will be the most telling one, it is normally the windiest month of the year in this region … as in blowing every day. Normally a big bad southerly in October and again early November, which both bring snow behind us and frosty nights, so I’m not trusting of the weather just yet. December traditionally choppy as well, then it cools again in January. Like Wellington, it not really settled at all here until Feb in a “normal” year. Nearing Nov, cyclone season is about to commence, so it’ll be interesting to see what that brings this year.

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