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POLL – Are you happy Daylight Savings ends this weekend?

With Daylight Savings coming to an end this weekend – and the clocks falling back an hour (for Fall) – we want to know if you’re happy about it or not?

Feel free to post a comment too and share your feelings on whether you’re happy, sad or don’t care that the clocks go back an hour on Sunday.

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Are you happy or sad Daylight Savings is ending?Market Research


Guest on 31/03/2011 8:09pm

Seriously? Who doesn’t like daylight savings? the vast majority of the population is at work or school in the morning and at home in the evening – when would you like the sun to be up – when you are at home in your leasure time after dinner, or in the morning when you are stuck at work?

for those few who feel it should change why not just set your alarm earlier instead of punishing the rest of the nation???

I personally start work at 5am and finish at 5pm and I would be more than happy to work the first 4 hours in darkness if it means i can enjoy outdoor activities in the evenings until 8pm. at present the clock going back just means i leave home in the dark and return home in the dark – it sucks! I would prefer the clocks to go foreward another hour in winter!!!! Long live daylight saving!

John on 31/03/2011 4:16am

Absolutely ecstatic that daylight saving is finally coming to an end. It goes far too long. We should revert to what is was previously.


Steve on 31/03/2011 3:52am

Im happy to see the end of it as getting up at 6.30am is a dark experience at the moment.
I will miss the extra light in the evening and am overall a fan of daylight savings but hey…I look foward to it starting again…

Shane on 31/03/2011 2:52am

I’m happy. It heralds the end of the oppressive nights, mosquitoes and sweaty days.

I’m a Brit though, so the rain and chillier temps will make me feel right at home 🙂

RW on 30/03/2011 10:42pm

It’s to be expected that this sort of poll result will be biased by over-representation of the dissatisfied group. Many of us enjoy getting useful daylight time at the end of the day, and not having ridiculously early sunrise times in midsummer.

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