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NEW POLL: Who do you trust for your weather forecasts?

This week, we wanted to know about our competition!

As part of the service we provide here at Weatherwatch, our forecasters use a variety of computer models from several sources to get the best idea of what is really going on around the country – and we know that our readers like to spread their bets in some cases too!

When your business depends on getting the most accurate forecast, you’re even more careful with your choices – perhaps more so than if you’re just wondering whether to catch the bus or drive in to work in the city!

So, how many sources do you use when looking ahead at the weather? Let us know by voting in the poll below, and we always welcome feedback so feel free to leave some in the comments!

<a href=””>How many forecasters do you read/watch/listen to?</a>


cupoteacoast on 6/05/2014 6:35am

I use all forecasters but spend the most time on WeatherWatch. I have a great liking for BSCH and their maps which show the upper winds. We are so often right against the isobars, being subject to upperwinds as nasty downslopes to ground level. MetService do not show the upper wind maps, you have to pay for that shithouse service. My dream is for someone somewhere to show those winds around Cook Strait, especially coming into the base of Wellington & Baring Head, as that is our key and most severe weather. There’s a big target painted here for the S, SE, SW & NW to aim and take fire at. The Mid Latitude Westerlies hit us hard now and are our key weather systems. Being unable to get access to any upper wind maps for Cook Strait, WeatherWatch fills in a huge forecasting gap by giving lengthy warnings of nasty westerlies on the move and of systems forming. The thought of a warmer Westerly into a much colder Easterly is somewhat of a daunting thought this winter, especially is stable air is due to move in afterwards. It is good knowing the WeatherWatch is their to warn us of the possibility, often days in advance. Thanks guys, you do a cool job. Far better than finding out that 120 km/h or greater is going to rake you the day it happens or the night prior .. or as per so often, not at all.

Dave on 4/05/2014 8:18pm

I have no doubt that WW provide an excellent service both in terms of analysis but also the comments & discussion are always interesting. I use various sites for the maps and if they are in general agreement then I go with that particularly when planning say a week out. I always find Metservice over-forecast weather & they rarely can be relied upon when looking any more than a day in advance. Thank goodness we have all the other info from WW and others to look at.

WW videos are by far the best thing available in terms of weather predictions and I look forward to them each week. Well done Phil a great service.

Cheers Dave

shawn on 4/05/2014 2:00am

I use weatherwatch for anaylsis & metvuw for maps etc,only use metsevice for rain radar when something exciting is happenning.

Derek on 4/05/2014 12:34am

I am the same as Claudie and use yourselves for the accurate data etc that you provide, Metvuw for their Sat map forecasts and Metservice for maily the Rain radar which I find extremely good but it is a pity they dont share as Claudie says.

But for the real personal touch along with great forecasting, news and very interesting articles you are the main one.

claudie on 3/05/2014 10:49pm

You are the one I trust for the analysis. But I take a look at Metvuw for the graphic prediction. And when I need it, to Met Service for the radar…. What a pity they don’t want to share it!
And full stars for Philip Duncan for the videos, always so informative!
Keep up the good work. Thanks

Guest on 4/05/2014 12:32am

I a gree. Meservice is good at providing detail on what going on now,. but for what is going to hapen or analysis on wehat did happen I use WW.

sw on 3/05/2014 10:23pm

Are you talking about models or providers of them?

Guest on 4/05/2014 12:30am

^^ This is a good point!

WW Forecast Team on 4/05/2014 1:13am

Every day forecasters – or models – just other sources you visit each day to get your weather forecast.

– WW

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