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NEW POLL – Has Summer been all you hoped for?

It’s officially the second half of February now, and, as depressing as it is – time to start looking back on another Kiwi Summer behind us.

Everyone has been talking about weather lately – from high winds and heavy rain in some parts of NZ, to snow, flooding and arctic conditions in the Northern Hemisphere (the USA and UK).

At Weatherwatch, we wanted to get a guage on how our viewers rated this Summer just gone – was it everything you’d hoped it would be, or did it fall flat? Even worse, did it pass by unnoticed??

While it’s probably fair to say we’re not all like Philip Duncan, who saw fit to put his heat pump on in January, there are people contacting us bitterly disappointed with their Summers so far.

So which category are you in? Let us know in the poll, and then tell us where you’re from in the comments below!

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Lee Sloper on 17/02/2014 12:12pm

Summer bahahahaha, yeah that’s a goodie question. Yep I’ve had a heater on as well. 2 frosts so far and god knows what else. Instead of a joke it has been a totally hilarious summer. Below 10C again last night with an intense dew and very close to a frost the night prior. Mountain drainage in Jan-Feb is so not right and nor are the upper level westerly winds that are causing it. It is gonna kill us in winter if this keeps up. It would be far better if Wellington stopped firing that high speed air into the mountain here during anticylones. Geesh that is a pain, that crap belongs in the southern ocean, not here. The constant low humidity has been a nuisance as well. Tonight was dark before 8pm, with low cloud cover from the east after another hiding was dished out by a westerly compliments of Baring Head. Apart from several head case westerly troughs, we’ve been almost continually an easterly flow of one sort or another this summer, every combination of them. The hills are arid with so much blasted wind and low humidity this summer. The NW has been a psycho here with 1-3mm/minute falls and wind >100 km/h this season. The other night I saw a local conversation wishing the NW was here permanently this year, that’s the affect this summer has had on people, and I couldnt agree more with them. Those constant upper troughs to the east of NZ have been driving me mad as well and I wish they’d sod off. When NIWA sticks out its report re how much sunshine and warmth the KRapiti Coast, has enjoyed this year, I’m going to print a copy out just so I can enjoy tearing it into shreds … hundreds of little shreds.

Ian on 17/02/2014 1:00am

One good thing about this summer in Auckland was the lack of humidity/heat at night. 

Duncan on 17/02/2014 12:40am

Here in Wellington, the sunshine hours year to date from Kelburn is 346.7, the normal average to date is 347.

So its about normal but due to stronger than normal NW it doesn’t feel like a proper summer.

Well after last year how could you get a better summer.



Rachel on 16/02/2014 7:15am

you need another option – too windy!

Here in Whakatane, we have had the right amount of sunshine, rain and the temperatures have been nice, but the wind has done my head in.

So alas,I cant vote as there isnt an applicable option 🙂 

sw on 16/02/2014 4:29am

 As a result,its been usual dryness though.Been virtually no relenting from the wind,the SWer especially and the pine needles in Auckland.

Zelda Wynn on 16/02/2014 1:13am

Great weather in New Lynn. Love night time showers. Sure feels like summer now!

Veges growing well. Garden not as dry as usual yet!

Guest on 16/02/2014 12:29am

I’m liking the cool southweters, the only down side is that it is  drying up my garden!!

Guest on 16/02/2014 12:29am

I’m liking the cool southweters, the only down side is that it is  drying up my garden!!

Derek on 16/02/2014 12:00am

Summer has been overly dry up here in Whangarei on our patch mainly due to constant SW or other winds. Any rain has been dried up before it could really do much good and I cannot remember the ground being as dry as it is now. Temps have been good when sheltered from the SW but overall it has been a pain with many a good day spoilt.

Typical day is today, beautiful and calm early on but now that wind is up and gusty spoiling it all, it will blow way into late evening as well and can make it very cool out. 

Really been blowing since just before spring began so quite a long time. Maybe March will be better.

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