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NEW POLL – Halfway through Summer – your verdict!

We have officially crossed the halfway mark in our Summer, and here at Weatherwatch, we wanted to know what our readers thought of the season so far!

If you’re tired of the windy weather, the unsettled weather and the cold snaps – you can blame our friends on the other side of the Tasman Sea…well, sort of. Philip Duncan wrote a great article on why we’re getting the cooler end of the stick while Adelaide and Southeastern Australia sizzles in record heat.

So how has it been at your place so far? Let us know by voting in the poll, and leave your location in the comments so we can get a better picture of the national levels of Summer satisfaction!

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Kylie in the City on 6/02/2014 7:09pm

Here in the CBD the weather has been quite nice most days, sunny, or moderately cloudy, with not a lot of rain. But dear gods, the wind, which is amplifyed by the wind tunnels the buildings create. Goodbye good hair days!


sw on 20/01/2014 11:44pm

No end to pine needles from southwesterlies.

Guest on 19/01/2014 9:28pm

rubbish summer if you live on the west coast always cloudy and blowing a gale

Guest on 19/01/2014 8:40pm

Aucklanders are just looking for something to complain about! I for one am very much enjoying Auckland’s weather at the moment. This summer reminds me of the summer of 2011/2012, that was a good summer.

Saying that you wish the
same summer as last year is really selfish. Are you saying you are willing to
put farmers through the stress and anxiety of having another drought????

It is quite interesting that we are having this spring like pattern, is this similar condition to El Nino? Should we expect further El Nino eather pattern into 2014? 

Guest on 20/01/2014 6:27am

Yes it is a great summer if you like cloud and drizzle.

Obviously you are not a fan of the ourdoors and beach etc.


We had people staying with us for 2 weeks and it simply sucked and they made that comment also.


No we arent saying we want a drought, lets not jump to an extreme.  but an end to the constant wind and cloud would be nice. 


Really disappointed in weatherwatch for giving us this pretty lame summer..

Turn it up please…



Guest on 20/01/2014 7:12pm


“Really disappointed in weatherwatch for giving us this pretty lame summer..

Turn it up please…”


Haha… really?


I’ll just take that as sarcasim…… 


When it comes to the Weather I have always focussed on the possitive, the wind and cloud in Auckland have keep temperatures cool, last year it was stinking hot with no escape, but everyone seemed happy about that. 


Ian on 19/01/2014 7:15am

Auckland summer themes is WINDY! Had trouble with BBQ when windy even if the day was beautiful!

Sarah B on 19/01/2014 4:56am

Its windy and its cloudy…. day after day, week after week… the odd nice day thrown in but not very often. Summer is more like spring this year.

Kay on 19/01/2014 3:38am

Hot and windy, windy, windy in waipukurau

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