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Lusi finally clears New Zealand + Did enough rain fall for you?

UPDATED 5am Monday — The centre of Ex-Cyclone Lusi is this morning tracking away from NZ – with strong winds affecting some eastern and central parts of the country for a time.

Lusi brought torrential rain to Nelson and Marlborough Sunday evening.

After just brushing Northland on Saturday the low didn’t make landfall (centre pass over land) until late Sunday afternoon in the Buller/Tasman area – slightly further north from where we predicted, which was roughly Greymouth.

Lusi gave a wide enough birth for northern New Zealand to reduce the risks of significant damage Saturday by only brushing past Northland – sparing the region and nearby Auckland a direct hit, which was quite possible.  

Aucklanders should be relieved the storm didn’t come closer to the city with significant storm surges flooding over beaches, carparks and roads on Saturday despite the centre of the low being on the other coastline and being 300-400kms away.  Winds reached damaging levels – but only just.  Again, had the centre tracked a little closer to Northland & Auckland then damage would’ve been more widespread.

The rain, however, wasn’t as heavy as it could have been – again due to Lusi tracking westwards from the North Island, where most of the rain fell out at sea.  In saying that, a number of farmers are also happy with what has fallen so far – Paeroa, for example, received 200mm.    

Lusi will quickly clear New Zealand on Monday morning.



Did Lusi bring enough rain for you?….or too much?


Guest on 16/03/2014 11:20pm

Some forcast sites are showing another cyclone for the next weekend or start of next week. Heading along the eastcoast of the north island. Do you have any comments?


Lee Sloper on 16/03/2014 11:40am

Just one more point to add, which is that I hope NIWA takes over forecasting for the orographic areas. I’m sick of being thumped with unforecast attrocious conditions like the utterly freezing cold anticyclonic winds, or polar updraft storms. Yes, the stuff we are never warned about is normally our most severe and that is a bitter pill to be made to swallow. Ha, I can easily recognise the updraft storms forming here on that shoddy little excuse for a radar, yet MetService did not and they have full Dopler. As NZ does not have a storm alert system, it is high time you gave us a better view of it, so we can get word out quickly when they form. I’m completely over being blasted to bits by sleet, hail and explosions. Next time the updrafts start to form in a polar SE, think I’ll invite the Dom Post out here to experience one. I’ve had an updraft explode on top of me with a clear blue sky and I can tell you conditions were worse than severe, it tries to lift you up, and blasts you with all sorts of shit, including ice. Not even Wellington at its worst does that. And now we await ice storms, yes Nth American style ice storms and that we will need a decent radar view for. As long as MetService refuses to free up its radar system, it’ll only continue to make enemies for itself with more and more kudos to WeatherWatch. Go Phil.

Lee Sloper on 16/03/2014 11:05am

It is why I “have” to follow WeatherWatch and MetVUW, because MetService forecasts are so often wrong for us. Two unforecast Southerlies this month already … nothing new. Last years tree snappers were a classic for that, but thankfully WeatherWatch knew they were coming. Like Met’s Nor West forecast for us tonight … nah it is N-NE, with the NE being strongest. I knew that Met’s forecast NW could not be right, so shifted my outside stuff out of the path of the NW accordingly. The N induced NW is DEAD here, it is mostly a downslope NE via Mt Maungatukutuku and YES it can blow like buggery … can make ya hair stand up on end. Up on the hill yesterday, the SE piled straight over the summit where I could feel it blowing down on top of me, then straight down into the sea. MetService’s big anemometer is sheltered from that, being in a lee … ideal for the NW maybe. Met’s anemometer is also not exposed to foul winds off the very steep sided Mt Wainui either and they blow a lot here. Our weather is often very close to or the same as Wellington’s forecasts, but it is orographic in its entirety. In a vicious SE ex Baring Head, we can easily outdo you in both speed and low temperatures and the SSE (Wgtn Sthly) funnels into us out of the hills, after it splits into two flows and then converges into here with the east or NW streets. It is rugged stuff and triggers nasty rotating cells, you know, mesos, spouts or tornadoes. Oh boy MetService, you want to see the rotation here, you’d cringe, with the S and SE both being closed systems. Westerlies well they blow and rain like hell here, 3 times what Pram gets. Wind over 110 km/h is common here but very rarely is it warned. For the big events I follow WeatherWatch, as their forecasts are more reliable for us. MetService needs to be taken on a field trip out this way and to learn which of the Akatarawa mountains controls what. We are highly subject to upper winds here, hence the NE being so prevalent since winter 2013. An orographc country and we can’t even get a bloody orographic forecast. With Climate Change, that needs to change and MetService needs to take a lead on that. Meanwhile onward with WeatherWatch who can tell when a southerly is going to sting us.

Guest on 16/03/2014 10:25am

Oamaru had moderate to heavy rain from 4.30 Sunday morning until 9pm tonight .Up to 67.5mm fell. At one point around midday rain was falling at 17.4mm/hour

Whitby on 16/03/2014 9:07am

Was hot and humid today, and this afternoon/evening. It’s gale force up here now, constant rain and gusts that are brinking on scary..
Hope this doesn’t last long!! on 16/03/2014 8:27am

Decent wind here in Wellington,  rain 7.2mm/h,  16.8°C and 91% humidity barometer on 999.3 hPa and falling 

Guest on 16/03/2014 8:17am

Weve had Gales up to 55 knots and up to 7 metre seas/swell all day. Even now its eased slightly , 40 to 45 knots, backed into the WNW but seas have not abated at all. Very uncomfortable. Misty rain has cleaed a bit but still getting good squalls through accompanied by more light rain. YES I think we were quite a bit closer and are still feeliing the effects of LUSI

Sher on 16/03/2014 7:59am

We are in Howick Auckland, on the top of a hill, and got a bit of a lashing last night. Enough for a heavy chair from the balcony to blow right over the railing into the garden. But others in central Auckland said they got light breezes and that’s about it. Anyway, I enjoy a bit of wild weather, so was happy to hole-up for the weekend. Thanks for all the updates. Better to be safe than sorry and unprepared.

Theron's on 16/03/2014 7:21am

We’ve had a relatively quiet day in Hokitika with occasional clouds, rain then clear spells but in the last 3/4 of an hour it’s started to get somewhat gusty with did finite increases of wind.

South Wai on 16/03/2014 6:55am

Wasn’t to bad here, some rain a bit of wind, but, it is muggy! Did giggle that a gust was recorded as a record breaking 122kms up in Auckland somewhere, we have wind like that frequently!

WW is great for their updates, keep up the good work. For the record and coz I am one of “those” people it’s wide berth not birth. 🙂

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