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Have your say: What would you like at WW?

When a big high rolls in the weather can sometimes become a little…well…quiet.  Especially at this time of the year when temperatures aren’t high or low and the nights aren’t cold enough for frosts.

When the weather goes quiet we usually look ahead at the incoming weather or weather potentials.  However we still need to find other news as our updates might be too few and far between.

We now have regular news from Australia with our agreement with Weatherzone.  We also have a partnership with CNN which allows us to bring you quirky environmental stories from around the globe.

So we want to know – are we missing something?  Is there something you’d like to see more of (or less of) when the weather goes quiet and settled.

Post your ideas below and we’ll see what we can do!

Cheers – WeatherWatch team

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Zelda Wynn on 5/05/2011 11:33pm

I would like to see “Photos” not just “videos” on the site top bar, looks as if there is room. Would save returning to home page and scrolling down to find them.

WW Forecast Team on 6/05/2011 1:42am

All part of the plan – plus an easier upload section.

– Phil

Nicola on 16/04/2011 12:03am

Hi a section with teaching resources and lesson plans would be cool. You have a way of making weather more interesting so I’m sure lesson plans with your input would be more interesting than traditional weather education!

Nicola on 14/04/2011 10:54am

Dear Mr Duncan
What I would VERY much like to see is fine weather and warm temperatures for North West of Auckland on Saturday evening and overnight! Please would you postpone the rain until Sunday afternoon?

Thank you VERY much in advance
from me, my lovely cousins whose party I’m going to and everyone else attending 🙂

Melissa on 14/04/2011 8:57am

I think your site is excellent, but since you did ask for suggetions, here we go!
Anything to do with Earth Sciences is great.
Always love a heads up on frost predictions.
I would also like to know more about Weather Watch in general.
I do love how your willing to stick your neck out and let us in on ‘weather potentials’, as you put it!
So keep up the good work on my favourite site!

Graeme on 14/04/2011 6:12am

your Weather prediction further out great.

What is easter looking like, waht the next week is likely to bring or what the next weekend is likely to bring.

Everyone always looks forward especially if there is a special event on so regular information on this would be great.

Also, the article you have been posting on developments such as “a change is underway in the tropics” etc. It is always interesting geting background as to why things happen.

Cheers! keep it coming!

Guest on 13/04/2011 7:28am

Show the minimum temperatures each day along side the daily highs, this will give a better idea where the warmth or cold was.

Allen Pidwell on 13/04/2011 3:09am

Is it possible to tap into NIWA’s new super computer and get their updates on possible catastrophic events?

Guest on 14/04/2011 1:31am

Hi there Allen,

I hope you dont mind my asking on such a public site, but your name is very familiar. Are you from around Taranaki, without getting specific.

Celtickiwi on 13/04/2011 12:12am

Hey there guys,

I would like more education on the weather!

Lets get right into understanding the different cloud formations and how they are able to be and what they mean; getting a deeper understanding of weather maps and how metservice is even able to create weather maps; share with us any new research and meterological discoveries and phenomenen. Im sure you will have heaps of real interesting titbits stored away in your memory banks and old class notes that you could share with us.

All the best guys 😉

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