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Have your say: Is spring here already?

With several warmer days ahead of us and all this talk about the worst of winter being over we wanted to hear your thoughts on whether Spring has arrived earlier than usual where you are.

Across the country buds are appearing, daffodils are out and lambs are frolicking – but isn’t that normal for the end of July? 

Have your say – post a comment below…and don’t forget to let us know where you are!

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Guest on 14/08/2009 8:25pm

ummm spring doesn’t mean days of constant sunshine and warmth that’s SUMMER, spring still has cold days and days of showers it always has.. it arrives in auckland so much sooner than october lol at least the beginning of september!

Guest on 30/07/2009 3:47am

I always thought that the temperature followed the suns position by around 6 weeks meaning that 6 weeks after the longest day we experienced the warmest part of summer i.e. late January / early February and similarly in winter the coldest period was late July early August. It seems this is not the case and there is talk of spring already. Great!

WW Forecast Team on 30/07/2009 7:24am

Normally yes, that is the case, but NZ’s weather is so changeable that sometimes we don’t fit the norm.  A slight change in weather patterns can have a major impact on such a small nation like NZ…so yes, it should be colder now but the weather patterns are placing more W and NW winds over us…and if we do swing back to a southerly flow in a few weeks time then the days will be getting so much longer than northern NZ most likely won’t receive the full brunt.



Auckland Guest on 29/07/2009 10:05pm

yes! I think Spring is here already…my cat gets all hypo when the warmer weather starts! its also a lot lighter when you leave work… you get reminded that summer is coming!!

Ann on 29/07/2009 9:58pm

The ground is drying out nicely so it does feel like spring from that perspective as the paddocks are normally still slushy at the end of July- we have only had a few mm of rain in the last 10 days or so. Other years we can get a drying out by mid august but then it is often wet and muddy again after that. I wouldn’t like to say spring is here in North Auckland as the wind is still cold and it was 9 degrees here this morning which is still winter to me.

Glenn on 29/07/2009 9:35pm

A fortnight to 3 weeks I reckon judging by the size and vitality of the buds on my apple trees.
Almost there but not yet.

Guest on 29/07/2009 8:36pm

I’m all for the animals frolicking and things blooming – cause it’s so pretty!
But if i hear one person say Spring is here when it is still technically winter I will potentially hulk out.
It’s a wee pet peeve of mine.

John on 29/07/2009 8:34pm

Here in Kawerau, the Tui has been into the blossom since the 22nd, spring bulbs are on the go, new spuds are up, and the grass needs another mowing. Generally spring arrives here between the 3rd week of July and the 1st week of August.

SW on 29/07/2009 8:28pm

Not in Auckland,especially when we get into a rut of a pattern like this thats started,Every year whether warm or cold daffodils appear now,Spring arrives about October here,though we can get nice days when its not blowing at all times even in June

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