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Funny Video: NZ’s newest weather presenter

Move over Karen and Jim, New Zealand has a new weather presenter.

TreAnne Chalmers is the new weather presenter for NZ Notworth News.

What do you think?  Is she going to give the others a run for their money?!


Sam on 20/02/2011 9:45pm

On the topic of good weather forecasters, I thought I’d share a few of example video’s from a popular and in my opinion very good forecaster from here in the UK – Rob McElwee (if anyones interested).

Of all the many BBC television forecasters (most of which are usually good) he’s the one that stands out for me, its just something about his simple, clear and concise but also detailed and informative style, with the odd added touch of humour or a personal comment that makes the difference from the others, all of whom are usually informative enough but can be rather dull… Anyway Just my two-cents.

Thought this one was a great example of his skill as a forecast and his ability to deal with less than ideal situations! –

This was also a good one to show his skills as a forecaster, particularly with his own personal touch to things – – as one of the comments can attest to: “Rob Mcelwee has gotÔªø to be one of the best weather presenters around! Just love the witty comments he throws in like “WhereÔªø you and I live”.. and the big expression of “a northerly wind!” legend!”

A pretty standard one featuring a heatwave from a couple of years ago –

Probably comparable to the legendary Jim Hickey back in NZ.

Also thought these three video’s are a pretty good illustration of the variety of weather the UK can receive throughout the seasons…

Stu on 20/02/2011 8:23pm

I prefer more subtle humour but humour is obviously a very personal thing.

It does bring a question to mind though. Do most of the presenters on TV in NZ have a relevant qualification ? or is a pretty face for TV the main quality they look for these days ?

WW Forecast Team on 20/02/2011 8:28pm

Hi Stu,

Around the world TV presenters have always been a mix of meteorologists, weather enthusiasts, broadcasters and, in some cases, just pretty faces.   What they need is a mix of someone who understands or is passionate about what they’re talking about and isn’t just using the weather presenting role as a stepping stone for their next gig.  The presenter also needs to be able to communicate the scientific information in laymens terms.  I think the best weather presenters are on CNN, but that’s just my personal thoughts.


Stu on 20/02/2011 9:27pm

Yeah passion & being able to talk well are probably the best attributes I think.
I was in california for a year and I found the channel I ended up watching the most was the weather channel. Loved it. So much going on in a country that size and they have people right in the storms but its like a continuous action movie that channel :). I miss it.

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