Forecast Video: Has summer peaked?

Philip Duncan takes a look at the weekend weather and it looks sunny and warm for most - but are we heading into a slightly cooler phase? We also take a look at a Canadian city which is experiencing temperatures between -18 and -40C.


Thank you for including us in

Thank you for including us in your weather report on Feb 8 , 2013. The students enjoyed listening to your weather report on New Zealand and the global approach you took to include Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada! The report on New Zealand's air flow/wind patterns provided students with an excellent example of the differences in the coriolis affect North and South of the Equator.

Hi there - not a problem at

Hi there - not a problem at all. Canada is a second home to me so I always look for any excuse to talk about my second favourite country :)  Enjoy the cold, it's certainly been very cold this winter for you.  Wonder if that means a super hot summer on the way?!

All the best and thanks for the kind message,

Well done

Well done Phil - great presenting skills on show there!

Thanks very much, I really

Thanks very much, I really appreciate that :)