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Could you cope without Spring or Autumn?

Spring – to most of us it’s a positive season that signals the start of summer, brings colour back to our gardens, and is the season that brings life to many new animals and plants.

Autumn – to many this is their favourite season of the year, cooler nights for easier sleeping, long, dry, sunny days and beautiful colours as leaves die off for the year.

But, in some places in the world, spring and autumn simply don’t exist like we know it.  For example in the tropics… where it’s summer all year around.  Or in Antarctic, where it’s cold all year around with no trees or flowers.

Or in the middle of the desert… where all year round the scenery looks the same due to the lack of rain.

Auckland CBD seen from near Rangitoto Island...
Auckland in Spring –

However whether it’s spring, autumn or winter there’s one season most people love – and that’s summer.

We’re interested to know whether you’d like to live in a climate that is consistent all year around.  For example somewhere like Los Angeles, that is warm and dry for most of the year.  Or Nevada which is dry all year around – but has incredible heat in Summer and cold nights in winter.

Is dry, consistent, weather better or worse than what we have here in New Zealand? 

Post a comment below and share your thoughts!


Melissa on 4/10/2010 9:33pm

How boring it would be without spring or autumn! Weather Watch would have nothing to report on and we would have no need to constantly revisit your site during the day like some crazed cult like followers just to try and figure out if it’s safe to hang your washing out or not! But sure beats taking a chance and having a huge westerly squall come through and having to rescue your bra from the next door neighbours t.v aerial before local aircraft confuse it with the local airport’s windsock and try and line up your backyard for a landing!
But anyway back to the subject..
I think spring and autumn seasons are getting longer and winter and summer shorter although still intense at times.

David - New Brighton on 4/10/2010 11:32pm

…we would all have to shove our Spring and Autumn pretty pictures into the Summer/ Winter and whatever folders …8 – D

…and for the other bits…I know people who use those things for carrying in their coal in the winter! 8 – [

David - New Brighton on 4/10/2010 7:23pm

…what you don’t know – you don’t miss …8 – ]

David - New Brighton on 4/10/2010 7:40pm

Aftershocks! 8 – [

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