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BLOG – sun returns for many

By head weather analyst Philip Duncan

It’s a sunny day for a number of main centres today even if a few clouds are about.   The sun is making a much welcome return to a number of places that have had plenty of showers or wind lately.

My neighbour this afternoon cleaned out his BBQ getting ready for the warmer weather.  It’s one of those brick BBQs that you fuel with firewood…a lovely smokey smell has filled the street and while I’m working from home this afternoon the smell in the air and the sun in my office is making it hard not to put a “back in 3 hours” sign on the website while I pop over for a white wine and some burgers.

But unfortunately we’re short staffed this week so I’m not afforded that luxury!   Even Richard Green couldn’t help me out today despite my dire need to go outside and be a true kiwi – soaking up the sun in the middle of winter.

Of course, that’s what it is – the middle of winter.  It’s very hard to believe in weather like this (for those who don’t have the best weather today remember I’m based in Auckland).  So while the ‘solar winter’ ended yesterday the ‘true winter’ lives on.  While it’s a warm day in many places it will be a cold one tonight – clear skies, no wind, could even be a touch of frost…the actual frost that is, not that terrible TV show with the same name.

Speaking of the solar winter…Bob McDavitt from MetService popped up to see my new space that the Radio Network has created for me in the ZB newsroom.  While chatting over coffee and discussing our recent feature in the Weekend Herald where we were placed side by side in a public ‘battle’ (which neither of us won!) I mentioned the solar winter…which drew a blank from Bob.  In fact, the term solar winter will probably draw a blank for many of you.

I actually learnt about it from an American website ( who ran a story about the solar summer a couple years ago.  While it doesn’t mean a lot to us all it is an uplifting thought that the days ARE getting longer and that more sunlight is creeping in to the southern hemisphere.

Anyway… if there are no updates for the next 3 hours, you’ll know why…just hope my boss isn’t reading this!

Oh one last thing – you may have noticed the video uplinks we added yesterday regarding the major turbulence that hit the U.S. jet.  Well, as of this week it’s part of our upgraded website – we asked for your feedback a few weeks ago about how to improve the site so we have reacted to your feedback.

We hope to bring you regular Polls that you can vote and comment on, along with more video clips to watch.   Keep the comments coming…and enjoy the sunny weather while it lasts!



SW on 6/08/2009 5:10am

Seems strange how the sky clears up in time for night after a rather cloudy day and for the full moon to shine all night again.

Dave on 5/08/2009 3:27am

Enjoy that sausage Phil.

WW Forecast Team on 5/08/2009 3:35am

Thanks for your comment….back in 3 hours….  🙂


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